Row of the best electric mountain bikes

2019 e-MTB Roundup: Which is the Best Electric Mountain Bike?

With e-bike performance making leaps and bounds every few months, we thought it was time someone in North America put these bikes in a head to head competition to see who would e-merge (dad joke) victorious. For the last several months, we’ve had several test riders in two states putting miles down on each of the ten test bikes we’ve gathered here. No, we didn’t get paid to do this, and only one of us is fat and smokes cigarettes.

Admittedly we haven’t been formally trained or attended tons of eMTB media camps to learn the intricacies of batteries and motors the way some other long-time electric mountain bike outlets have been, probably because we’ve not been fans for very long. However, since we’ve begun riding e-bikes, we’ve learned that it’s pretty tough to find useful information and reviews conducted by actual mountain bikers. Since we figured most of you reading this page are mountain bikers without tons of e-bike knowledge, we reviewed the e-bikes as such. We focused on the riding experience as mountain bikers, we wanted the e-bike that inhibited our shredding tendencies the least, while boosting our exploratory range and mileage the most. Long story short, if you’re looking for information on flat out trail performance over tech nerdery, we’ve got just what you need! Read on and determine which is the best electric mountain bike out there.

Meet the Bikes

eBike Round Up: Commencal Meta Power

Commencal Meta Power 29 Race

M.S.R.P – $5,299

The most affordable e-bike in our roundup, the Meta Power 29 Race is much like the 27.5 we reviewed last year, but with larger wheels and updated components.

eBike Round Up: Felt Redemption-E

Felt Redemption-E 30

M.S.R.P – $5,799

Felt’s new Redemption is a solid, reliable e-bike that firmly rode in the middle of the pack. It is capable and handles all terrain well.

eBike Round Up: Focus Jam2 29 Pro

Focus Jam2 29 Pro

M.S.R.P – $6,499

We love Focus’ Tailored Energy Concept! Unfortunately the bike’s performance didn’t get quite as excited.

eBike Round Up: Giant Trance E+

Giant Trance E+ SX Pro

M.S.R.P – $7,035

Just barely edging out the Haibike as the best descending e-bike in our roundup, the Giant is a well-rounded machine that is ready to bomb up and down your favorite DH trails.

eBike Round Up: Haibike Nduro Xduro

Haibike Xduro Nduro

M.S.R.P – $6,999

An absolute tank! This e-bike plows anything you put in front of it and has an insanely plush suspension feel, but the weight and overall look/feel leave us wanting more.

eBike Round Up: Pivot Shuttle

Pivot Shuttle

M.S.R.P – $9,999

When we reviewed the Shuttle last year it was the best e-bike we’d ridden, by far. Fast forward just a few months and the Shuttle has some serious competition!

eBike Round Up: Scott Genius eRide

Scott Genius eRide 910

M.S.R.P – $6,499

A real sleeper. Although it’s not the most refined looking e-bike and we dislike the cockpit/TwinLoc mess, this is absolutely one of the most fun e-bikes in the group.

eBike Round Up: Trek Powerfly

Trek Powerfly LT 7 Plus

M.S.R.P – $5,499

One of the Best Climbing eMTBs, Trek designed this e-bike with hill climb challenges in mind! The long rear end, active suspension and solid price point make this an all around great option if you’re looking to cover miles, explore and beat your buddies everytime someone says, “Who can climb this first?”

eBike Round Up: Norco Sight VLT

Norco Sight VLT1

M.S.R.P – $7,699

Our Winner! 2019’s eMTB of the year is the most balanced and versatile bike in the bunch, the Sight won everybody over with its liveliness, playful demeanor and styling. This bike excites us about the future of e-bikes!

eBike Round Up

The Testing

We started gathering e-bikes for our roundup last fall and began our testing nearly five months ago. Unlike some shootouts where we cram as many bikes and test riders in a foreign place for non-stop days of short, repeatable loops, we wanted to know each of these e-bikes intimately over a long period of time, and that’s what we did.

Our testers spent time riding bikes, taking them home, using them in their normal riding routines, on trails they know well, and before culminating our review with two weeks of video shooting and voting in the Santa Monica Mountains surrounding Thousand Oaks, California.

The familiar mountains contain some of the few e-bike friendly trails we’re familiar with. We were able to test each e-bike’s performance on aggressive, rocky terrain, jump trails, and also put in big loops that tested our butts as much as the batteries. It’s a great place to escape for winter riding.

While the logistics, coordination, and long film days were a bit of a nightmare, it was actually a ton of fun creating this series and learning about e-bikes and where they shine. So, without further delay, let’s get into the reviews.

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Meet the Testers

eBike Round Up: The Riders

Andrew “Chili Dog” Villablanca

Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 190
Rider Level: Skilled
Favorite Type of Trail: Tech or jump trails

eBike Round Up: The Riders

Dave Anderson

Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 235 lbs
Rider Level: Dadvanced
Favorite Type of Trail: Ones that go downhill

eBike Round Up: The Riders

Drew “Old Man” Rohde

Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 165
Rider Level: Advanced
Favorite Type of Trail: Raw, fast and rocky.

eBike Round Up: The Riders

Nic “U-Turn” Hall

Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 165lbs
Rider Level: Advanced
Favorite Type of Trail: Tech with steep slabs

eBike Round Up: The Riders

Samson “Rides with Wind” Hatae

Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 150
Rider Level: Intermediate
Favorite Type of Trail: Flow trail with rock gardens.

eBike Round Up: The Riders

Sean “Sourpatch” Leicht

Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 160
Rider Level: Advanced
Favorite Type of Trail: Fast and Rocky.