VeloToze Socks

Words/ Photos by Chili Dog

When people think of mountain bike products that are critical to enjoying your ride, most picture things like suspension, tires, wheels or jerseys. One area that’s all too often overlooked however is socks. There’s nothing glamorous about socks, and quite honestly they win the award for the most boring piece of kit (narrowly edging out bib shorts), but socks can make or break a long ride. If you’ve ever gotten blisters or hot spots on your feet half way into an all day epic, you know exactly what I mean. VeloToze is a cycling sock company from Sonoma, Ca. Though they have more of a roadie background, good socks are good socks, regardless of whether you’re a roadie kook or mountain biker.


The Lab:

For our testing purposes we chose the VeloToze active compression with Merino Wool socks. We’re big wool fans because of the comfort and durability. Merino Wool is an excellent moisture wicker, but also retains temperature well, making them a good year round choice. It’s also naturally antimicrobial.

The compression aspect of the socks is designed to help manage blood flow while riding. Compression socks help your veins to flow blood more effectively back up to your heart. The socks are about 15 cm (6”) tall, providing good, but not excessive coverage.


The Dirt:

While Old Man Drew is a staunch “thick sock” guy, I tend to prefer thinner, lighter socks. These VeloToze Merino wool socks fell right into my area of preference, with a light, thin feel underfoot. I prefer more shoe feel and less heat instead of more padding. These socks have a great, smooth and low friction feel in the shoe, reducing the catching or wear that can cause hot spots and blisters. Even after months of use and washing, they’ve held up well and still look new.

I can also vouch for the antimicrobial abilities of the Merino Wool. I have some smelly feet, and normally my socks find their way to a hazmat facility after just a few months of use. Surprisingly, these VeloToze socks can still be held at an arms distance without suffocation.

I actually like these socks so much, I wear them regularly off the bike too. Whenever I’m hiking or know I’ll have a long day on my feet, I immediately reach for these socks as the back up to my trusty Loam Wolf socks.


The Wolf’s Last Word

At $20 per pair, these socks aint cheap, but sadly nothing in the bike world is. We can say though that if you do decide to splurge on these foot tubes, their soft Merino Wool will welcome your toes with all day comfort and protection. We also dig the subtle colors, as they add just enough pop without being too flashy. No matter what your flavor, the grey, red, blue or yellow should do the trick. If you like thinner socks and don’t mind dropping a Benjamin to have five days worth, I’d highly recommend these VeloToze.


Price: $20 per pair

We Dig:

Light Weight Feel

Comfortable Fit


Don’t Smell

We Don’t

Too Poor to Afford Socks


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