Giveaway III: The Grim Sleeper

Giveaway III Winner

Bryan Green

The Grim Sleeper

We’ve been emailing back and forth with Bryan for the last few days since we made our announcement naming the winner of our Grim Sleeper bike giveaway. Bryan, who has no social media was shocked and had no idea what the email he was about to open contained! We asked him to send us a photo so we could share it in our interview story and we’re guessing he was so pumped he meant right then and there on the spot! Haha. We love it. Hopefully the next pictures Bryan sends us are from the loamy trails around Crescent City. We’d like to introduce you to our latest Loam Wolf Edition winner, Bryan Green.

Giveaway III: The Grim Sleeper

Who is Bryan Green?
I am 42 years of age. I was born and raised in Crescent City CA, then spent 13 years in Phoenix, AZ after high school. I got into mountain bikes a few years ago on a Trek hardtail and last summer I upgraded to my first full squish, an Ibis Mojo 3, which I custom ordered online from a bike shop. It’s the only way to get a good bike around here unless you wanna go for a road trip.

How did you first react after we emailed you the news?
I was blown away into disbelief when I opened my e-mail. I’ve never won anything before on this level and I’m still shell shocked over it.

What’s your local riding scene like?
We don’t have too many trails out here (that’s a work in progress) but my favorite is Little Bald Hills. It’s a 9-mile trail that goes up a mountain side and down the other. Each side has it’s own terrain style to it, so when you turn around and go back its a completely different experience.

Where do you hope to take your new ride this summer?
I would love to go back to Arizona and ride out in Sedona or hit up Downieville CA next year as I’m not going to be able to travel this summer/fall. I was checking out that Wolves in the Wild event and it looks like a blast, but timing wise I won’t be able to make it.

Giveaway III: The Grim Sleeper

How did you first hear about The Loam Wolf?
Your guys’ Youtube channel popped up as recommended so I checked it out which led me to the website to browse over some merch. I picked out the Shaka t-shirt and then learned about the giveaway for this sweet bike. I’ll be buying some more stuff soon for sure. I’ve let some people know and they are jealous that they didn’t enter the giveaway when I told them to. No doubt they’ll be more envious when they see the bike up close.

What do you like most about our site and what would you like to see added?
I can’t say what I like best about the website as you guys seem to cover it all. From the reviews, interviews, so much other good info, the merch to promotions and one of a kind specials like the current WTB saddle. If there were shorts with the screaming wolf logo on it, I’d pick up a pair.

Right on Bryan! Thank you and everyone else for participating in our recent giveaway and we’re excited to launch our next one very soon.
Thank you Loam Wolf so much! I can’t wait to get my new bike!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our third Loam Wolf Edition bike giveaway and ask you to thank all the brands involved that helped make it happen.

Trek Bikes
Bontrager Components
Fox Suspension
E*Thirteen Components
Made Rad by Tony – Paint

Giveaway III: The Grim Sleeper
Giveaway III: The Grim Sleeper
Giveaway III: The Grim Sleeper