Sage Titanium - Who Is David Rosen




A few months back while cruising around the Sea Otter Classic, one of our staff spotted a beautifully crafted titanium hardtail. It was the stylish looking Flow Motion, built by none other than Sage Titanium, sporting a Fox 36 fork, Industry Nine wheels and an aggressive stance. Sean, our in-house product spy, ended up chatting with the man standing beside the bike, David Rosen, and he quickly committed to hand delivering us a bike in Bend, Oregon when things mellowed out after the show.

Located in Beaverton, OR, Sage Titanium was founded in 2012 by Rosen after feeling emotionally empty buying new carbon bikes. The quest for the latest and greatest each year left bikes feeling soulless and without a lasting presence. The feeling inspired him to return to his roots when bikes were functioning works of art that connected to their owner’s soul in a deeper way. He thought back to a time when bikes were held onto year after year, and actually meant something.

Sage Titanium - Who Is David Rosen

Last month David loaded up our new Flow Motion and made the couple hour drive to Bend for a meeting and ride. It was a great chance to get to see the passion behind Sage Titanium and what makes their products cherished by fans around the world. David’s enthusiasm is contagious when it comes to talking bike tech. He loves discussing everything from his brand to the materials used, and the choice to keep production in the USA.

Titanium bikes are certainly not in everybody’s wheelhouse, but they are undeniably beautiful. For the lucky few who own one, they hold a special place. We look forward to spending more time on this bike to share our final thoughts in a detailed review. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the chance to rip around on a hardtail, and after the first ride aboard Sage Titanium’s Flow Trail, it’s easy to say it has some seriously awesome traits.

Check out this video we shot trailside with Sage Titanium founder, David Rosen when he hand delivered our new test bike.

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Flow Trail

• Frame starting at $3,400
• Price as Built $7,861
• Hand Made in Portland, OR with stout 3/2.5 US-made titanium tubing.
• 27.5 x 2.6” or 29 x 2.2” Compatibility
• Able to run 150mm or 160mm fork
• Threaded bottom bracket
• 44mm head tube
• Available as frame only, frameset or custom-built completes at varying price points


Sage Titanium Flow Motion - David Rosen
Sage Titanium Flow Motion - David Rosen
Sage Titanium Flow Motion - David Rosen