Norco Rampage


Introducing the All-New Rampage

Celebrating 20 Years of Dirt Jump Heritage

Twenty years ago, when the Bike Development team at Norco Bicycles saw what people were starting to do on their mountain bikes at the jump trails, they KNEW it was going to be something big.

“We were in the middle of the Freeride boom – Slopestyle and pump tracks hadn’t been invented yet, dirt jump trails were only for BMX riders, and the only way we could make bikes tough enough was to steal ideas and parts from our Freeride, DH and BMX bikes.” said Product Manager Jim Jamieson.

Those first SuperCross bikes (as they were labelled at the time) put Norco at the front of a wave that wound up influencing many other aspects of riding, and inspired engineering and design throughout the rest of the company’s mountain bike line over the years.

In the two decades since, however, the company has learned a lot, purpose-built components, and technology had leaped forward, culminating in the totally-new Rampage – a series of three models available in three frame sizes that brings modern design, engineering and jump-specific spec together to push your riding to the next level.

Every Rampage is built to be as light as possible with a highly engineered aluminum frame that’ll withstand whatever happens to it and features specially selected parts that won’t let you down – because everybody knows, you only progress when you get right back up and try again, so your bike should, too.

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Norco Rampage Team

The Rampage Team features a RockShox Pike 100mm fork, Maxxis DTC folding tires, Sealed Bearing Single Speed Hubset and Spank cockpit for the ultimate in pro-level performance, and the SRAM Guide T rear brake with extra-long line is perfect for bar spins and perfect modulation.


Norco Rampage 1

The Rampage 1 has a Manitou Circus Comp 100mm fork, Maxxis DTC folding tires, Sealed Bearing Single Speed Hubset and Pivotal Stealth II seat and alloy post, each specially selected for peak performance and durability, with a Tektro hydraulic rear brake for modulation wand extra-long line for bar spins.


Norco Rampage 2

Every component on the Rampage 2, including the RST Dirt 100mm fork, Kenda K-Rad tires, Single Speed Hubset and one-piece alloy post has been selected to not burn up on re-entry, and not empty your chequing account. The Tektro mechanical disc brakes effectively scrub speed and minimize damage when a trick goes bad.

Norco Rampage


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