1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack

1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack Review

Words & Photos by Nic Hall

We’ve tested just about every kind of bike rack available, somehow the 1UP bike rack system was something that seemed to elude us, until now. Bike transportation options are as unique as the vehicles and owners who use them. What we have found is that no one answer is always the best. Taking a group trip to the bike park? Gotta have that Sensus Bachelor Pad. Going on a road trip in your #Vanlife mobile? Better get you a Lolo. Driving your fuel-efficient commuter to the local trail after work? That is where the hitch rack enters the game. There is a myriad of hitch racks on the market, but one of the most unique looking is this option from 1UP.

We reached out to 1UP USA and told them about an upcoming trip where we’d be taking an E-bike and an XC bike up to a workday with the Trans-Cascadia crew. We needed something that could take the abuse of fire roads while holding roughly 70lbs of bike. 1UP sent us their 2” Super Duty 2 bike rack in black, along with their RakAttach swing out system. I bolted the system up to the Toyota Tacoma and rallied up to Washington.

1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack


1UP USA design and manufacture all their racks right in here in the USA. They have three different models with add-on capabilities available for most of their bike racks. The Super Duty rack is the burliest, with extra support bars in the locking mechanism. Thanks to the extra support, the 1UP Super Duty holds bikes up to 75lbs each. Even with this high payload rating, the rack only weighs 47lbs, and the tire trays fold up for easy storage.

A unique anti-wobble device doubles as the securing mechanism for the rack. The 2” hitch bar is slotted to allow movement towards and away from your car depending on how far your receiver sticks out and a securing pin is included for security. The tilt mechanism has a locking ring to prevent accidental actuation and allows for quick stowage when bikes are removed. The rack only contacts the tires of the bike and can accommodate up to 3.1-inch tires on the standard width. 1UP offers adapters for wider tires. Depending on the variety of your riding crew, 1UP’s bike rack is ready to transport bike wheels from 16- to 29-inches in diameter.

The RakAttach allows any hitch-mounted rack to swing 90 degrees away from the vehicle while remaining attached to the 1UP bike rack. It has an anti-rattle bracket included along with a bomber securing pin and latch. It comes in 3 sizes and can swing out, either way, depending on which you order.

1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack


As soon as I pulled the bike rack out of the box, I could tell it was a quality piece of workmanship. The anodizing was outstanding, and the powder coating on the trays was thick and has put up with some serious abuse. 1UP took no shortcuts, which is represented in the price tag. The only plastic found on the rack is at the handles for the tire bars and where the bars contact the tires. We put 1UP’s bike rack through some seriously heavy abuse on some high-speed back roads, and it is still holding on.

Putting bikes on the rack is simple. All you have to do is crank down the arms onto your tires, and off you go. It may be the quickest hitch rack securing method we’ve used. The only contact point on the bike is the tire, so no frame rub is possible. We found that even with a somewhat loose setting, the frame or fork never contacted the rack. The only downside we found is when securing the tire bars very tight, it was somewhat difficult to pull the release pin.

1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack

Bike security is good, but not bulletproof. Included with the rack is a locking hitch pin, and the anti-wobble bolt is a security allen. Pins are also included to secure your tires to the rack, but a lock and chain or cable would be essential to really secure the frames to the bike rack.

The RakAttach performed well but added some wobble to the system. If you need to access your truck bed or rear hatch, it saves loads of time keeping the bikes on the rack. If you aren’t regularly rallying through forest roads, it is a lovely addition to keep the bike rack on your vehicle all the time.

1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you want a rack that you’ll keep longer than your bike, check out the 1UP Super Duty series bike rack. We put it through the wringer on high-speed fire roads before bolting it on the back of a rally car for some sideways load testing. Despite our best efforts, the rack never missed a beat. With the addition of a heavy lock, this rack is everything we want in a hitch-mounted 2-bike system. It’s built very well and had a nice industrial look, it’s lightweight, easy to use and it doesn’t beat up your bike.

Now, as with anything in life, good things don’t come cheap. 1UP’s rack is the most expensive two bike rack we’ve ever tested. We love the fact it’s made in the USA, it works incredibly well and lasts, but the decision of pulling the trigger on this spendy accessory is ultimately going to be determined by your budget. You won’t be sad if you do, though.

2″ Super Duty Double – $649
RakAttach – $359

Website: 1up-usa.com

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