Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot Review

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot Review

Words by Drew Rohde

Over the last year, I’ve been riding this pair of Alpinestars Tech 7 boots quite regularly and have grown to love almost everything about them. They’ve been near the top of my rotation along with a pair of Gaerne SG10s and Sidi’s Crossfire 2 TA boots. Offering a premium boot look and fit at a more affordable price, Aplinestar’s Tech 7 Enduro boots are well worth a look

These CE Certified boots have a different sole compared to the Tech 7 boots we all know so well. Alpinestars designed the Enduro boots with a more lugged pattern on the bottom of their replaceable sole for improved grip off the bike. Whether you’re trying to be like Graham Jarvis or just walking up a hill to get a picture of your riding mate, the Tech 7 Enduro is notably different than its track-biased sibling. If you’re a long-distance rider and tough on the equipment you’ll be happy to know the Tech 7 Enduro boots have replaceable sole and footpeg inserts.

Moving up from the sole is a slim and sleek toe box, making shifting and foot placement a dream. Alpinestars uses a TPU medial side panel with a honeycomb rubber insert which helps offer some grip against the bike while also offering impact protection. Helping make the boots even safer is a TPU shin plate and medial protector that is constructed from one single part to increase stability and the integrity of the boot. I only ride with knee braces and felt the anatomical profile of the shin plate mated up nicely with my EVS and Leatt knee braces.

Around back a high modulus polymer injected calf protector plate features Alpinestar’s Blade Flex system. The area is designed to offer great protection to the wearer’s heal, Achilles and calf area but also makes it easier to move your foot up and down when reaching for the shifter or brake. Foot movement is further aided by the biomechanical pivot, which helped keep our shifts and braking smooth after a very short break-in period.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot On Foot Review


First things first, these boots run big. I suggest taking advantage of Alpinestars fitment suggestion and if possible, trying them on at a local dealer. I normally wear a 10 (44 or 44.5) in all shoes and I am a 9 (43) in the Tech 7 Enduro boots. Besides sizing, these boots fit and feel great for my feet. The microfiber upper has a very large opening when unlatched making it super easy to get in and out of. When it comes time to get in or out of the boots, Alpinestars’ buckle closure system, which is replaceable, works very well and is super easy to access. Even with gloves on it was easy to latch or unlatch the boots.

Within a few hours of riding these boots really started to get comfy and loosen up. They offer a great blend of protection and mobility. Compared to my Gaerne boots, which feel like Sherman tanks, these boots don’t quite feel as “protective” since they’re not a hard shell encompassing my foot, but the benefit is a much more breathable, lighter and flexible boot.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot Sole

Depending on my body position on some of the tighter trails where quick changes between standing and seated positions are paired with quick shifts and braking, I found myself riding much quicker and smoother than my Gaerne’s. The slim and low profile toe box allowed me to easily find the shifter and get up or down no matter how the braking or accelerating forces were pulling me. It’s easily one of my favorite parts about the boot.

I also really enjoyed the sensitivity of the boots. I could always tell where my feet were and thanks to the slim and snug fit, I never felt like my feet were sticking out like target waiting to get snagged by waiting obstacles. Coming from a mountain bike background where pedal feel is really important, these boots offered the best foot sensitivity I’ve experienced yet in a boot. Granted I’m far from an expert in the field.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot Side View

Before you think I’m totally in love with these boots, I need to get one major complaint off my chest. These boots do not offer good protection against moisture. Alpinestars website says the “Innovative microfiber material is flexible, abrasion-resistant and reinforced with PU for high levels of water-resistance,” however I strongly disagree with the claim.

I didn’t just come to this realization on wet, snowy rides in the high country, I learned it on some of the lower singletracks we regularly ride in the Cascade mountain range. We’ve got quite a few backcountry singletracks through waist-high new growth trees as well as long overgrown sections through dense Manzanita brush. On multiple occasions, I rode these trails on foggy mornings or the days after rainstorms had come through leaving moisture on the leaves and branches.

As I rode through the brush, the moisture from the branches would smack the boots and within a few minutes, my socks began to get colder and colder. Much to my surprise, without seeing a single raindrop or water crossing, my feet and socks were wet just from contacting the wet shrubbery. This is my biggest critique of the Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boots as I don’t believe an “enduro” boot should be marketed as such without the ability to handle some moisture, whether it comes from mud, creek crossings or riding on misty mornings.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot Straps

The Wolf’s Last Word

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots are really impressive overall but one major critique brings them down in my overall rating. If you live in dry climates where moisture or water is seldom seen, then I’d highly suggest you give them a try. If you spend a decent amount of time riding in rainy, muddy, wet or damp conditions, you should know these boots do not offer much protection.

Beyond my critique regarding moisture protection, Alpinestars has made one of my all-time favorite boots. During the summer months, these boots will probably be at the top of my gear bag as they offer incredible peg feel, mobility, and access to the shifter and brake pedal. The slim toe box makes shifting on the move a breeze and the biomechanical hinge lets my feet move freely on or off the bike. The fit, comfort and aesthetics all combine to make this $369 boot feel like you spent a whole lot more. I just hope they’ve got a water-proof version coming down the pipe in the near future.

Price: $389.95
Weight: 7.6-lbs

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We Dig

Replaceable Sole
Mobility & Feel

We Don’t

Lack of Moisture Protection
Wet Feet
Front of Sole/Toe Area Durability


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