SPOT Rollik 150

SPOT Rollik 150 REVIEW

Words by Seve Mustone

The Spot Rollik 150 is a bike we never even thought of, or really even knew existed when it came time to recommending bikes to friends and colleagues. However, after several weeks of testing, we were pretty impressed with how versatile and flat out fun it is to ride. Spot isn’t really a household name for most riders and we’re pretty sure the last time we remember seeing one in person, it was a belt-driven hardtail, which looked really cool, but isn’t exactly our cup of tea. When our tester Seve said he got his hands on a Rollik 150 and he sent us a picture of it, we were intrigued and yes, a bit jealous. Read on to learn more about this incredibly capable all mountain ripper.

SPOT Rollik 150

The big thing you’ll notice when looking at the Spot Rollik is the Living Link rear suspension system. Rather than using cartridge bearings, Spot opted to use a composite leaf spring that flexes with the suspension. Spot makes their case by stating that this decision leaves you with more mid-range support and better progression as you use your suspension. The composite plate of the leaf spring also provides dynamic flex vertically yet is incredibly stiff laterally. While having a piece of plastic as a part of your bike’s suspension seems odd, they have a great video breakdown of the system, which can be found here.

Spot also went the extra mile in regards to the frame’s layup and features. They used a carbon layup called Oxeon TeXtreme, a special blend of fiber that essentially makes a stronger weave without a thick material layup. Spot features a five-year warranty on all their frames. Additionally, it features stealth routing for everything except the rear brake line, which Spot purposefully did to make things easier when it comes time for service.

SPOT Rollik 150

Great suspension and spec only get you so far. If the geometry isn’t capable then the bike is going to suffer no matter how good the parts are. Spot did their due diligence with the Rollik as it boasts some pretty solid geometry. A flip chip located underneath the rear shock eyelet, adjusts the head tube angle from 66.4 degrees to 65.8. The seat tube angle goes from 75.5- to 74.9 degrees, and bottom bracket height flips from 13.4 inches to 13.2 inches. All this coupled with a 1,169mm wheelbase results in a snappy and quick bike that’s well poised to handle whatever it needs to. It may be a little steeper and shorter than the pure-bred enduro bikes that have become today’s norm, but the Rollik confidently takes down whatever gets thrown its way without feeling like a tranquilized racehorse on all but the steepest of trails.

We tested the Rollik in the 5-Star build kit, which retails for $5,599.00. It currently is on sale on the Spot website for $4,599.00. There is also a 6-Star kit and a $3,799 4-Star kit. We found that the 5-Star build kit was a great value, offering a great range of components for the price. Featuring a Fox DPX2 shock and a Fox Factory 36 Float for suspension, SRAM XO Eagle drivetrain triggered by a GX Eagle shifter and rolling on Stan’s No Tubes Flow MK3 Team wheels, it has a good build for the price. Most of the spec didn’t give us any grief during the test period and all components held up well, except one. We felt that the SRAM G2RSC brakes, were a little bit under-powered and had too long of a stroke. Especially considering how capable this bike is on the descents.

SPOT Rollik 150


If this bike was an animal, it would be a Fox. It’s quick, nimble, and when pointed in the right direction, an absolute trail scalpel. However, no bike is perfect, so that comes with some caveats. If you’re used to riding a long and slack enduro beef machine, then you will need some time to adjust to the liveliness of the Rollik. I can confidently say however, during my testing, I took it everywhere from bike parks, to rowdy Santa Cruz pirate trails to city streets and was never, for a second disappointed.

Coming off an Evil Insurgent LB, the Rollik was a breath of fresh air. Where the Insurgent LB was heavy metal, the Rollik was smooth rock. While I didn’t feel as comfortable yanking into the rough stuff as I sometimes do on other bikes, the Rollik was still an absolute missile. The Living Link system performed flawlessly and felt incredibly stiff laterally while giving more than ample mid-stroke support. The bike can be characterized as very playful and is the perfect bike to get out and have fun on.

SPOT Rollik 150

There were times where I felt like I was pushing the bike a little too hard on the really gnarly stuff, but then again there were times where the bike felt like it was ready to go faster than I could pedal it. All in all, I think the Rollik really shines on the in-betweens. The trails with a good mix of flow, tech, and a long climbs in between are where you’ll be smiling most with the Rollik. You wouldn’t find me picking this as my go to bike for the bike park or for a hefty enduro race, but it’s easily my new top choice for an extremely spirited do mostly everything bike that will leave me smiling during and after every lap. In a time where brands are continually making all mountain bikes less versatile for the sake of all out downhill performance, it’s refreshing to ride a bike that is more fun to ride for more of my ride than just the steepest DH.

SPOT Rollik 150

The Wolf’s Last Word

While I wouldn’t exactly call it a quiver killer, I feel that the Rollik is certainly a good choice for someone who just wants something fun. It left a little to be desired in the really gnarly technical stuff, however it made up for it by being an absolute blast to ride everywhere else. It’s been a while since I’ve been so stoked to ride a bike. I use it for nearby errands, street sessions, all day epics and shuttling some of our local DH trails.

Put quite simply, it’s a flat out fun bike to ride. It might not be the best bike for your enduro racing dreams in Squamish, but it certainly could shine as the bike that you have a ton of fun on while riding with your friends every weekend on your local trails. It’s one of the few bikes that I’ve ridden that always leaves me smiling and jibbing every single feature on the way up and down the trail. We’re happy to know there are still bikes that aren’t just built for the best 10-minute downhill segment of a ride, but ones that help make the other 60 minutes even more enjoyable.

Price: $4,599 (As Tested)
Weight: 27.94lbs


Frame: Oxeon TeXtreme™ carbon fiber, 150mm
Fork: Fox Factory 36 Float 27.5
Shock: Fox Factory Float DPX2 Factory

Brakes: SRAM G2 RSC, 180mm
Handlebar: Race Face Next R 35
Headset: Cane Creek 40
Saddle: WTB Silverado
Seatpost: BikeYoke Revive
Shifter: SRAM GX Eagle
Stem: Race Face Turbine R

Hubs: Stan’s NoTubes Neo
Rims: Stan’s No Tubes Flow MK3 Team
Tires: Schwalbe Hans Dampf, 27.5 x 2.35, Tubeless

Bottom Bracket: SRAM BSA 73mm threaded
Cassette: SRAM XG1275
Cranks: SRAM X1 Carbon Eagle
Chain: SRAM GX Eagle
Derailleur: SRAM XO1 Eagle

SPOT Rollik 150

We Dig

Absolute Fun Machine
Great Climber
Living Link Suspension
Red Color
Playful and Realistic Geometry for Most People
Some Affordable Options

We Don’t

Doesn’t Allow Much Room for Error
Super Steep Terrain at Speed

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