Leatt Introduces the All-New

5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot

Photos by Donn Maeda / Swap Moto

Leatt Protectives has just released their latest product offering, which now completes their head to toe dirt bike kit…wonder what could mean for their MTB line next spring? But, before we get too far into the weeds with speculation, we’d like to introduce Swap Moto Live to the Pack. Donn Maeda and the Swap Moto Live team are our exact counterparts in the moto media world. We’re both underdogs, independent, small businesses doing our best to report on the latest news, testing products and writing trustworthy reviews. Plus our passion for cross discpline bikes has us each dabbling in the other’s world. Donn loves mountain bikes, and we love dirt bikes. So, we’ve decided to share some content back and forth from events we can’t always attend to extend our reach and spread the love. Since we were unable to make it to the Leatt media day in SoCal, our good friends from SwapMotoLive.com have shared their awesome video with us. It looked like a great day and we were bummed to have missed the event, but appreciate the awesome work they put in and we hope you enjoy.

Be sure to check swapmotolive.com to get your fill of unique motocross content and awesome interviews you won’t find anywhere else.

Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot
Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot
Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot
Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot
Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot


Introducing the all-new 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot

Leatt has finally released the long-awaited ALL-NEW 5.5 FlexLock Boots as part of their Twenty/Twenty GPX range. When it comes to your riding kit, a quality pair of boots is one of the top pieces of gear you can invest in. As key points of contact to your bike, it’s essential that your feet, as well as your ankles and shins, stay comfortable and protected.

Three years of development and testing with our pro athletes from all over the world has resulted in the creation of the exceptional 5.5 FlexLock boot. A real head-turner when it comes to looks and style, the boots are available in white and black, red and blue, and plain black.

When riding your bike hard, the superior durability and support provided by Leatt’s brand-new 5.5 FlexLock boots will be evident. Featuring a SlideLock system for an outstanding first-class fit and a low-profile toebox for easy gear shifting, these boots have all the features and benefits any rider will ever need.

Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Moto Boot

Designed to optimize grip and maneuverability for landing those big jumps, while staying connected to your bike. CE tested and certified, the interior is cushioned with impact foam for a protective yet snug, soft and comfortable feel. An incredible FlexLock system that’s proven to reduce ankle forces by up to 37% and knee forces by up to 35% upon impact when compared to an industry leading competitor boot.

Extensive research, advanced design and high-tech materials make these boots the next step in premium protective gear. Leatt is thrilled to now offer head-to-toe protection!

Strap into a pair of ALL-NEW Leatt 5.5 FlexLock boots for fluid, seamless and confident movement, as you shrug off dirt, debris and impact with ease.

Price: $389.99
To learn more, visit Leatt.com