Industry Nine Enduro S 1-1 Wheels Review

Industry Nine Enduro S 1/1 Wheel Review

Words & Photos by Rob Dunnet

Over a decade ago, long before the Industry Nine Enduro S1-1 wheels were a concept in their engineer’s brains, Industry Nine made a splash in the mountain bike industry by adding vibrant colors to their hubs and spokes. Back then the idea of straight pull aluminum spokes didn’t make sense to a lot of people in the industry. Straight pull aluminum spokes allowed Industry Nine to do two unique things at the time. They helped create a stiffer, stronger wheel and they added a lot of color options to riders who wanted to add some extra bling to their bikes.

Today Industry Nine is still known for their flashy looks, customizing program and durable wheels. Industry Nine’s customization and reputation come with a cost though. Rider’s looking to step into a pair of I9 wheels have traditionally been prepared to drop some serious coin. Enter the Industry Nine 1/1 line of wheels: a little bit simpler, no crazy color options, no carbon and no hefty price tag. We set out to find if the Enduro S 1/1 wheels are built with the same level of quality that Industry Nine is known for?

Industry Nine Enduro S 1-1 Wheels Review


The Industry Nine 1/1 line wheels are available in both popular wheel sizes and come in a 27mm Trail build and a 30.5mm Enduro build. Both the Trail and the Enduro S wheels are built with 28-holed rims and hubs. Instead of aluminum straight pull spokes the 1/1 wheels use a traditional J-Bend spoke and are laced in a three-cross pattern with aluminum nipples. The free hub has a 4-degree engagement and are available with SRAM XD, Standard or Shimano MicroSpline bodies. They also have everyone covered in the braking department with a 6-bolt and Centerlock option.

The 27.5” Enduro S 1/1 wheels that we tested weighed in at 850.6 grams (front) and 1,020.6 grams (rear) with valve stems and tubeless rim strip installed. During the course of our test we used both Maxxis and Schwalbe tires and we were able to install both brand’s tires without the use of tools. The fit is tight but most riders with strong hands will have no trouble rolling the tires onto the Enduro S 1/1 rims. We were also able to seat the tires onto the rims with the use of a standard floor pump.

The Industry Nine wheels are very serviceable and no specialist tools are required to change either end caps, the bearings, or axel for the wheels. Because of this ease of use, this makes them accessible to most biking enthusiasts

Industry Nine Enduro S 1-1 Wheels Review


Being a bigger guy I was a little bit worried about riding a wheelset with just 28 spokes. Back when I was hucking and jumping more I rode 36-spoked wheels religiously. As materials have gotten better and build quality has improved; and 36-hole wheels disappeared, I felt more comfortable on 32-spoke wheels. The thought of riding aggressively on a 28-spoke wheelset kind of made me chuckle a little bit. I figured that after a month or so my shiny new wheels would go from round and true to oval and sloppy. For the first couple of weeks I rode extra hard in an effort to be able to send pictures of a broken wheel back to Industry Nine; something that I was regularly able to do when testing pre-production products for other brands in my youth. My disappointment in not causing a failure turned to joy. I couldn’t believe I had a solid 28-spoke wheelset that was holding up to the abuse of my winter weight.

After four months of consistent abuse, the wheels are rolling true and I have not tensioned the spokes once. The finish on the wheels still look like new, other than a few scrapes from picking the same bad lines through rock gardens time and time again.

The Enduro S 1/1 wheelset is not as stiff as a more expensive carbon wheelset, but that is something that I like about aluminum wheels. I would put these wheels on par with any high end aluminum rim when comparing ride quality and stiffness. They hold up fine, keep me on line nicely and dampen impacts and vibrations without feeling squirmish.

The Wolf’s Last Word

With the Industry Nine Enduro S 1/1 costing a fraction of the price of carbon wheels, they are a sturdy choice for riders who want Industry Nine quality with out paying a premium for it. The build quality and the ride quality of the Enduro S 1/1 is true to the Industry Nine name. For those riders who have already shelled out big money for a carbon wheelset and they are looking for a winter wheelset or a back up set of wheels, they will not be disappointed with the Enduro S 1/1. I wouldn’t be surprised if those riders switched to these wheels full-time. Conversely, these wheels could be a great introduction to the brand for riders who’ve never wanted to spend the premium on I9 wheels but could now be persuaded after a pleasant experience on their more affordable wheels.

I am most definitely impressed with the quality of Industry Nine Enduro S 1/1 wheelset. As a serial berm slasher with a 200+ pound weight rating, I honestly didn’t think I’d be walking away from this review with such a smile. I am now curious to know if the Trail version of these wheels would hold up to the same amount of abuse…Either way, if you’re looking to get onto a set of Industry Nine wheels without having to pay Industry Nine prices, these are an excellent option.

Price: $750
Weight: 1770 grams

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