As the world still sits in quarantine, we know we can’t be the only ones getting itchy with cabin fever. We couldn’t help but look at the calendar and reflect on where we were just a year ago. Filming this fun video about our daily commute in the Laguna Seca traffic on our way to endless Sea Otter meetings.

We know the rest of the bike world is feeling it too, wishing for carefree days in the sunshine talking about bikes and trends in the industry while high fiving friends we hadn’t seen all winter long. Heck, if we were lucky we might even get some time to sneak in a ride before the nightly escapades took place at all the bars and restaurants around Monterrey, California.

So, in honor of our annual pilgrimage to the Sea Otter Classic, we dug up last year’s video project we laughingly referred to as the Rush Hour Rip.

Enjoy and we hope to see you all soon!