Buying a Bike Online


Video by Brian Niles/Treeline Cinematics

We know that dropping significant amounts of money on a purchase isn’t something most people take lightly, and buying a mountain bike online can be especially scary as it’s not like just putting a pair of shoes back in the box and asking for a return from While we, admittedly, haven’t bought a bike for quite a while, we still have our hobbies and spend money online buying camera gear, or motorcycle parts, and understand the uncertainty of blind buys. That’s why we decided to make this little video documenting our online shopping experience with

The folks from have made quite a name for themselves on the other side of the globe, having sold over 100,000 bikes. They are now selling bikes in North America and are the primary distributor for Polygon, one of the brands participating in our upcoming Sub-$2,000 Budget Mountain Bike Shootout.

Rather than just have and Polygon Bikes ship us a new Siskiu T7, we asked them if we’d be able to complete a purchase and buy the bike just like a customer would do and document the experience. We got the green light and set up the cameras to do some online shopping as well as document the unboxing and assembly process.

Overall we had a great experience buying a mountain bike online and were stoked to have it assembled so quickly. The bike arrived in good shape, did not require any specialized tools, minimal bicycle know-how and was ready to ride.

Thanks to Polygon Bikes and for the opportunity and we hope it helps give a bit of confidence to those of you looking at buying a direct to consumer mountain bike online.

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