Beast Energy Cookie Review



Words by Drew Rohde

Beast Cookie Company is a newer option on the energy food front and are seeking to offer people a way to get some protein, caffeine and fuel into their body in one of the most enjoyable forms possible, a cookie. We received an assortment pack of Beast Energy Cookies and instantly began eating, we mean testing them, in the name of science. Naturally…

Baked in the USA, Beast Energy Cookies are a Non-GMO, egg, soy and dairy free way to get pre, post or mid-ride fuel into your system. Made from unbleached and enriched wheat flour, they’re not necessarily the ultimate for the health freak out there who’s look for organic grains and nature, but they’re not packed with tons of terrible ingredients either. It’s a real-world option for the middle-ground, people who think about what they put in their body, but aren’t above eating Taco Bell every once in a while.

Beast Cookie Co. says the serving size is ½ of a cookie, which will give you 190 calories, 8g of fat (3.5g saturated), 330mg of sodium, 26g of carbohydrates, 11g of sugar and 5g of protein. Lets not forget the 90mg of caffeine per half. If you eat the whole cookie, which we did quite often you’ll be amped on 180mg of caffeine and 10g of protein. The Beast Energy Cookie gets its caffeine from Green Tea extract, which is a nicer, natural option. Beast Cookie Co. uses a proprietary protein blend that is a mixture of pea and rice proteins.

It never made us jittery or anxious, and we’ve got a guy with a pretty sensitive caffeine nerve so that was good to know. It’s never fun dropping into a DH wired out of your mind and luckily these cookies never put us over the moon.

Beast Energy Cookie Review

Taste tests were a mixed bag. We had 4 riders eat cookies from our assorted package. Most agreed that the Oatmeal Raisin was the least favorite option. We could taste the protein powder most in that one. Chocolate Chip was a bit on the dry side and was pretty close to the Oatmeal Raisin in terms of votes from the group. The Chocolate Brownie flavor was the best in our opinions and offered the most flavorful and least-dry cookie. Drew in particular was quite fond of the Chocolate Brownie flavor, although he’s probably the easiest to please when it comes to sweets. He’s got a real problem controlling that sweet tooth.

Beast Energy Cookie Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

We are thankful that Beast Cookie Co. reached out to us over our Instagram channel. They’re mountain bikers and understand the demands, hunger and taste buds of us dirt fiends. The goal was to create a power snack that was a bit different than the options out there and in that they have succeeded. Not all of our testers love the cookies, but they did fill them up and do the job. A couple of our guys quite enjoyed the cookies and would buy them in the future. We found Drew snacking on the Chocolate Brownie Energy cookies while sitting at his desk on more than one occasion, although he hardly ever leaves his desk for lunch so the cookies have kept him at the office later and on the trails longer.

The cookies aren’t exactly cheap as a 6-pack costs $23.40 and a 12-pack retails for $41.88, but they are baked in the USA and do offer some serious propulsion. With 10g of protein and 180mg of caffeine per cookie, they have certainly come in handy and we’ll probably be picking up another box to keep on the desk for days we skip lunch of want to hit the trail and pack a treat.

Beast Cookie was kind enough to extend a 20% off coupon to our readers, enter code loamwolf at checkout.

We Dig

Something New
Protein and Caffeine
Chocolate Brownie Flavor

We Don’t

Bit Spendy
Would Like a Non or Low-Caffeine Option
Slightly Dry


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