PNG Refuel Gel Review


Pinnacle Nutrition Group, or PNG for short, was founded by a group of individuals that all shared a passion for active, healthy lifestyles. Their goal was to create a nutritional line of products to hit pinnacle performance that was built on their passions while at the same time, creating a line of products that are easily consumable, rich in nutrition and sustainably driven.

Packed with electrolytes and carbohydrates, PNG’s Refuel Gel has been developed to be consumed before, during or after strenuous activities. PNG claims that the Refuel Gel formula will enhance energy levels and increase endurance potential while at the same time minimizing cramping and lactic acid build up. The Refuel Gel is available in either Orange Cream or Lemon Meringue flavors. Each gel serving packs 80 calories, 25mg of sodium, 21 grams of carbohydrates and measly 3 grams of sugar.

PNG Refuel Gel Review

Nutrition items are certainly subjective and can sometimes be some of the most painful products to test and review. Luckily the goods we got from PNG have been easy to stomach, in more ways than one. The gels are rather thin in texture, and the liquidity makes them easy to swallow and slurp while on the move.

PNG packs are easy to tear open and don’t have any sharp edges to tear up the corners of your mouth while squeezing that life-saving nectar. We still found ourselves washing the last few sips down but it’s certainly a lot easier to handle than some other gels that aren’t quite as viscous.

PNG Refuel Gel Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

While flavor profiles and textures are highly personal choices, our testers all enjoyed PNG’s Refuel Gel. It is thinner in consistency than many other gels we’ve tried, which is really nice on hot days where you need an energy boost but don’t want to be mushing weird sludge around in your dry mouth as you search for your water bottle. PNG’s Refuel Gel goes down smooth, and really packs a punch when it comes time for some needed sustenance. We’ll be sure to keep stashing some of these in our trail packs until the box of freebies runs dry.

Price: $37.99 (24 count)
Orange Cream, Lemon Meringue

We Dig

Low Viscocity
Easy to Swallow
Taste Isn’t Overly Sweet or Fake

We Don’t

Not Much to Dislike


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