MUUL Mayday Kit Review


Reviewed by Mike Wirth/Gooseworks

MUUL’s Mayday kit is a combination of the brands Quidraw Plug Kit and CO2 Mount Kit. For those unfamiliar, MUUL was formed to deliver a quick and reliable way to repair your bike, specifically in race applications when time is of the essence. Along with offering a speedy way to get back on your bike, MUUL sought to reduce the need for riders to carry packs, bags or stuff things in pockets by having products that mount neatly to the bike. After plenty of rides in the dry SoCal summer, we’re ready to report our findings.

The MUUL Mayday kit is a new and innovative way to carry your CO2 inflator and a loaded tire plug anywhere on your bike. The system comes with two silicone holsters that can be secured to your bike frame or handlebars using zip ties or a hook and loop strap. The larger Rapid CO2 mount comes with two magnets that offer 50 pounds of retention force to secure any cartridge with a regulator attached.

MUUL Mayday Kit Review

The Quick Draw Tire Plug holster uses a single concealed magnet to secure the tip of a loaded tire plug tool out of the way but not out of reach, and two slots for an extra chainlink. While we’ve yet to experience a puncture trailside with this kit, it’s plain to see that we’re only about 5 seconds away from being ready to plug one with confidence with whatever tire plug we choose.

For $20, you get both magnetic silicone pieces, ten tire plugs and a couple straps to attach them to the bike. The system does not include the CO2 cartridge or regulator, but does come with a larger strap to hold a spare tube or multi tool along with the inflator, plug and link.

MUUL Mayday Kit Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

Nifty little inventions like this are usually the offspring of passionate riders who get creative in solving real-world riding problems. The MUUL kit was designed by just such a group in the the mountains of North Carolina. These little injection molded pieces may not reinvent the riding experience, but we’re willing to bet they were enough to make the frustration of a flat tire deep in the Pisgah forest a little more bearable. They save us the hassle of fumbling through the bottom of a hydration pack and could certainly be just the trick to save critical seconds when a race is on the line.

The MUUL kit serves dutifully and held our Co2, extra chain link, and tire plug in place with no complaint on some of the rockiest trails we know without dropping a thing. The silicone material is slightly more flexible than we expected, which allows the mount to squirm slightly when removing the cartridge from the strong magnet mounts. On the trail though, both pieces are solidly secured to the frame and hold their own. These will be staying on the test sled for sure.

Price: $20
Weight: 45g – Cartridge Mount, 21g – Quick Draw Holder (Loaded)

We Dig

Nifty way to mount a Co2 regulator and some spares
Endless mounting options on bike or handlebar
Lightweight, simple, and effective

We Don’t

The soft silicone material can deform slightly when zip ties are tightened too much


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