Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle Review


Reviewed by Drew Rohde

We recently received the Ergon SM Enduro Comp saddle for review and it was an instant hit on my trusty Trek Rail test mule. Our friends at Hot Route Media, a marketing firm that handles Ergon, sent us this new saddle to try out because they knew we love that oil slick finish. Colors and aesthetics aside, Ergon designed the SM Enduro Comp saddle with elite level athletes and scientists to deliver a purpose-built gravity and enduro-ready bike seat.

The development of this saddle was headed by nonother than the legendary Fabien Barel. The SM Enduro Comp has a slim, flat overall shape which offers the ability to move over and around the bike freely, which is hugely important when navigating challenging terrain. The center of the saddle features a relief channel that is tailored to the male anatomy and Ergon’s website even has a nice drawing to showcase it if you’d like to check it out here. The cutout was nice and spacious and kept the blood flowing where it needed to no matter how long we were out riding.

Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle Review

To further increase the comfort, Ergon uses 360-degree all-around padding so that riders will have some cushion whether they’re sitting on the seat, or standing and leaning the bike hard into a corner, using the saddle as a rudder to control the back end of the bike. Ergon also uses an orthopedic AirCell foam sandwiched between a nylon composite shell and microfiber cover.

The SM Enduro Comp saddle is available in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large. Having sizing options helps the end user get a saddle that matches their sit bone width, which means a more comfortable ride.

This model comes with Chromoly rails however other materials are available at different price points. The SM Enduro Comp saddle is available in two colorways at the price of $100, however if you purchase it from Competitive Cyclist, who has extended our readers a 15% discount code, you can save yourself a few bucks.

Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle Review

We are well aware that saddle reviews can be as informative as a steakhouse review to a vegan. Personal taste and body will always be most important when it comes to picking the right saddle, but, we felt this saddle was worth sharing as it’s got some neat features and we found it to be very comfortable, even on super long days. The Ergon SM Enduro Comp saddle got mounted to my trusty Trek Rail eMTB as it’s been the test bed for a lot of products that are getting reviewed this summer. That means I’d actually be spending a lot of time on the saddle and pedaling. eBike rides are typically longer and have riders sitting down in the saddle a lot more, which is why I felt it was a great platform for testing the saddle.

Besides the oil slick rails, our favorite feature of the Ergon SM Enduro Comp saddle is the comfy orthopedic foam and cutout. On even the longest days I was able to stay comfortable and feel all my anatomical members. The saddle’s flat and V-shaped profile fit me wonderfully and also received no complaints from two other riders who spent significant time on my bike. The saddle is just big enough to provide a comfortable perch and a place to drive powerful pedal strokes from, yet it isn’t overly wide or cumbersome to where it gets in the way during gnarly downhills or while trying to play around on the bike in the air. Only on rare occasions would the top inside of my thighs feel the rounded edges of the back of the saddle while trying to move back on insanely steep chutes that turned into unexpected drop offs. Hardly something worth complaining about, but I had to pick something.

The Wolf’s Last Word

I haven’t been as happy with a saddle in a very long time. We are always getting test bikes with new seats, many of which are OE-specified chode chokers that offer little benefit beyond keeping the price of your bike down another $75. The Ergon SM Enduro Comp saddle is a pretty awesome upgrade for riders looking to add comfort and ergonomics to their ride. One thing we did notice about the cutout at the end of the cutout relief channel is that it created a rather nice “loam shelf” or mud and muck collection place. On sloppy days or when riding in soft soil, the rear tire kicked some crud up through the cutout which would then translate onto our shorts. Not a big deal since we were covered in dirt anyways, but worth noting.

If you’re a rider who wants to be comfortable and efficient, this saddle is worth a look. If you can demo one, that’s a great option as every-body is different, but in our opinion, this saddle is an easy one to recommend. And for those who don’t like that oil-slick look, they’ve got a stealthy all black version to suit your needs.

Price: $99.95

Disclosure: Our team selects all of the products we review and do so with honesty and objectivity in mind. Some of the products we receive come directly from Competitive Cyclist, who also value our readers and have offered them a 15% discount on their first purchase by using LOAMWOLF15. Through this program we may also receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support, TLW.

We Dig

Oil slick rails

We Don’t

Cutout catches mud/water


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