Leatt DBX 4.0 Full-Face Helmet Review


The protection specialists at Leatt have one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market, whether you’re looking for dirt bike protection or mountain bike helmets and safety gear. The Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet is DH certified and takes inspiration from the brand’s full-blown downhill helmets but is more ventilated and better suited for the growing demand in lightweight, pedal-friendly full-face helmets. We’ve been using our DBX 4.0 helmets on everything from ebike rides to light days in the bike park and aggressive enduro rides. Read on to see how the DBX 4.0 stacks up.

With 22 vents strategically placed around the polymer shell, Leatt’s DBX 4.0 allows for pretty impressive airflow for such a safe feeling and full-sized full-face helmet. Leatt uses a combination of in-molded EPS and EPO impact foam to provide superior energy absorption.

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No Leatt helmet would be complete without the incorporation of their 360-degree Turbine Technology. This technology claims to reduce up to 30-percent of head impact energy at a concussion level, while also reducing up to 40-precent of rotational acceleration to the head and brain. The DBX 4.0 full-face is AS/NZS 2063:2008, ASTM, EN1078 and CPSC certified, you can even find these results under the test reports tab on the product page of Leatt’s website.

Moving on to the finer details of the DBX 4.0 helmet, you’ll find a Dri-Lex moisture wicking inner liner that is breathable and offers anti-odor capabilities. A magnetic Fidlock closure system helps make sure the DBX 4.0 stays on your head. The DBX 4.0 has a fixed visor but has a breakaway function to help reduce the chance of snagging in the event of a crash. Like all full-faces from Leatt, the DBX 4.0 has been optimized for neck brace compatibility. Leatt offers the DBX 4.0 in four colorways: Steel, Forest, Ink and Black; and is available in four sizes.

Leatt DBX 4.0 Full-Face Helmet Review

When it comes to enduro-style full faces or pedal friendly full-face helmets, it seems there is a split in the products offered. Some brands seem to be taking their lightweight, well ventilated trail lids and add a chin bar while others work from a DH helmet starting point and remove material and increase ventilation. We believe that both styles of helmets have a space in the market depending on the type of rider and terrain.

We’d say that the Leatt DBX 4.0 more closely resembles Leatt’s downhill helmets, but in our opinion looks better. The chin bar and other areas of the helmet see a lot more ventilation and help the helmet breathe better than a full-blown DH helmet without leaving us feeling like a face plant would snap the chin bar. Drew doesn’t always fit Leatt helmets well with his 56cm head but found the DBX 4.0 to be one of the most comfortable helmets he’s ridden in. Sourpatch wore the size medium and felt that it was a comfortable and safe feeling fit.

The large vents over the brow help push air through the top of the helmet once you get moving over about 7mph. The exhaust vents do a decent job of allowing hot air to escape out the back of the helmet, but we’ve never heard anyone say they wouldn’t like a cooler helmet. Obviously the more solid construction is also part of what makes this helmet look so good and feel so protective compared to others like the Kali Invader. Not to knock that helmet as it’s a very safe and protective unit, just has a different user and application. The chin bar and mouthpiece on the Leatt helmet are open and breathe quite well, allowing us to hydrate easily or take in deep breaths on long climbs or sprints.

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The Wolf’s Last Word

We’ve worn just about every helmet Leatt has made in the last few years from their trail bike helmets to dirt bike helmets and the DBX 4.0 is one of our favorites and most comfortable yet. Leatt has done a good job with the DBX 4.0 and we’d say it’s one of our top recommended options for truly aggressive riders who put protection over ventilation or want something geared slightly more towards DH than XC. The DBX 4.0 is sturdy enough to where we’d feel comfortable hitting the occasional bike park day on a big bike but is light and breathable enough for some burly ebike days. At 850grams it’s definitely not going to compete with the Bell Super or Kali Invader, but in our opinion, it’s not really supposed to. Those are helmets we’d suggest for timid trail riders looking to protect their teeth or aggressive trail riders who ride in hot climates and want a little peace of mind without a major penalty in the weight and ventilation department.

If you’re a downhiller, recovering downhiller turned ebiker like us, or a rider who’s looking to have a good looking helmet that will offer the confidence to push send without having to wear a heavier, hotter downhill helmet, the DBX 4.0 is worth a look. Compared to helmets like the Fox Proframe, we’d put the Leatt slightly above in terms of “safe” feeling on big bikes and burly terrain thanks to the more downhill-like construction and feel. Granted that also makes it a bit warmer on hot days and long climbs so ultimately the decision here will be how many helmets you want to own, and what your application for them will be. For us, we’ll be keeping the DBX 4.0 for cooler enduro days, big mountain ebike rides as well as some light-duty DH riding.

Price: $229.99
Steel, Forest, Ink, Black
Sizes: S (55-56cm), M (57-58cm), L (59-60cm), XL (61-62cm)

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We Dig

Best looking pedal friendly full-face
Comfortable on long days
Works well with most goggles
Offers a protective, confident feel

We Don’t

Fixed visor
Slightly warm


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