Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet Review


Review by Drew Rohde

A helmet sharing its name with the most famous bike event in the world, the Red Bull Rampage, must be as brave and bold as the athletes wearing it The Fox Rampage helmet is available in everything from kids sizes to an affordable Comp version to the top of the line Rampage Pro Carbon tested here. Living up to the name, the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon is packed with safety features and an attention-grabbing look that make you notice it when it goes by. Looks and features only go so far if the helmet doesn’t fit right, so let’s dive in and see how the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon treated our testers.

The Rampage Pro features a multi-composite technology shell which houses a dual-density EPS liner. Fox calls it Varizorb and the combo provides better impact protection by distributing those forces over a wider surface area while also having variable density foams for the more common slow-speed impacts and the larger, high speed hits. In addition to the dual-density EPS liner, the Rampage also uses the Fluid Inside system. The Fluid Inside packets mimic the cerebral fluid found inside your skull and are placed in high risk areas as a way to absorb impact and decelerate the energy and spinning force of your head inside the helmet, thereby reducing the risk of a traumatic brain injury. It’s a neat technology that’s worth taking a look at.

Fox doesn’t stop there when it comes to the safety of the Rampage Pro Carbon, the shell of the helmet uses what fox calls a CAGE chin bar and eyeport, this design claims to improve energy management in the event of an impact. The last safety measure Fox included on the Rampage Pro Carbon is the Magnetic Visor Release System, this allows the visor to detach easily in the event of a crash. The Rampage Pro Carbon holds CPSC, EN1078, AS/NZS 2063 and ASTM 1952-15 Downhill certifications.

Moving on to other features of the helmet, Fox utilizes an X-Static moisture wicking and antimicrobial comfort linear that is both removeable and washable. A total of 19 vents provide the Rampage Pro Carbon helmet with adequate airflow, via 15 intake and 4 exhaust vents. Fox even outfitted all 19 of these vents with a large mesh screen to allow airflow while keeping dirt and debris out. The Fox Rampage Pro Carbon is available in 3 shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes to provide a best in class fit, so be sure to try one on before you buy.

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet Review

We’ve tested and worn lots of helmets over the years and without a doubt, this helmet is one of the coolest and best-looking downhill mountain bike helmets we’ve owned. The sharp lines, CAGE vent covers, and overall aesthetic make this helmet stand out in a crowd.

We had a few testers wear the helmet during our period, but a few of our crew felt that after about 30-45 minutes the helmet would start giving our testers a headache from the pressure being a bit too much. Other testers had some issues, as shown in our video, getting the helmet on as the chin bar is quite narrow and depending on some head shapes, could be uncomfortable to put on. Even Drew, our main reviewer felt the helmet was very snug getting into but once in, it felt very comfortable and secure. Over time however, the weight of the helmet made is less comfortable, especially for Drew who suffers chronic neck pain after fracturing several vertebrae 6 years ago. Other high-end helmets weigh 100-200 grams less, which is a quarter to almost half a pound lighter and makes a difference after a full day in the bike park. While safety is important and we applaud the technology used, we’d love to see this helmet drop some weight.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Ventilation on the helmet is sufficient and does a fine job while on the move. When standing still while regrouping or walking up the trail to scout lines, or waiting in the lift line, the helmet gets a bit warm and could be improved. Fit could prove to be an issue for some so we suggest trying the helmet on and wearing it for a few minutes to ensure no pressure spots arise. If the helmet does fit you then you’ll certainly appreciate the open field of view, breathability through the mouthpiece and open chin bar and attention this cool-looking helmet will give you.

Overall, the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon helmet is a very good helmet, offers a lot of safety features and unmatched looks, but we think the weight is just a little bit too high for the price tag. If you’ve got a strong neck, don’t spend all day riding bike park laps and think that the 1,230+ grams will not be an issue, then give it a try. We were lucky enough to not need to try the effectiveness of the Fluid Inside technology but have faith that the fluid combined with Fox’s Varizorb EPS would do a great job keeping us safe when we needed it most.

Price: $499.95
Matte Black, Navy, Oat

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We Dig

Looks Bad Ass
Mouthpiece breathability
Fluid Inside and Varizorb technologies

We Don’t

Fit could be an issue
Narrow opening can make it hard to put on


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