How To Pick Mountain Bike Clothing For Beginners

Sponsored by Leatt

Are you new to riding or maybe just an old-school rebel who’s been resisting forking over a chunk of cash when your “trusty old shorts and shirt haven’t let you down yet”?

After years of fighting technical clothing and wanting to look “cool” while riding in street clothes, we finally made the transition to more technically advanced fabrics, materials and riding specific gear and we haven’t looked back.

We made this video with a full assortment of  @OfficialLeatt  mountain bike gear so that we could show why brands have so many options in their line ups. Not all products are the same and while some may be perfect for long, hot days pedaling XC trails, they just aren’t built for heavy duty enduro or DH riding in PNW winter conditions.

In this How To video, we hope to offer some insight into the advantages of switching over to mountain bike-specific gear, and helping select the right type of kit for your riding style and terrain.

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