Flo Motorsports 3.0 Foot Pegs Review


Review by Drew Rohde

Flo foot pegs were one of the few upgrades we made to our Husqvarna bike that were equally motivated by fashion as they were function. It’s not that the stock Husqvarna foot pegs were all that bad, but when you’ve got a chance to put some Flo Jet Fuel foot pegs on your bike, well, why wouldn’t you? Flo Motorsports 3.0 foot pegs offer riders a wider, larger and more polished place to rest their boots, allowing them to focus on what’s ahead, not where their feet are.

Flo Motorsports 3.0 foot pegs provide more boot traction thanks to their extra wide, 57mm wide by 86mm long platform and tall, replaceable cleats. The base is crafted out of high quality, German Grade Forged 7075 T6 Alloy which has been touted as true aircraft-grade aluminum. The 3.0 foot pegs supply plenty of traction thanks to 14 flat, removeable, stainless steel teeth or as Flo calls them, cleats. These cleats have been secured with LocTite and have not moved, despite some bashing into the lava rock found around Bend, Oregon. When the going to gets wet and sloppy, self cleaning mud grooves make sure grip on 3.0 foot pegs never waivers. Flo Motorsports offers their 3.0 foot pegs in a several colors and for a wide variety of bikes and models.

Flo Motorsports 3.0 Foot Pegs Review

While I would not say I was struggling to find traction aboard the stock pegs on my Husky FE350, the FLO 3.0 foot pegs were instantly noticeable. The wider platform gave my feet a larger area and made me feel even more planted and stable. Whether I was standing up over sand whoops or pushing the bike over from corner-to-corner railing single track flat corners through the woods, my feet and body were in control.

Flo claims that their foot pegs are some of the strongest dirt bike pegs on the market, and while I’ve only had a few hard impacts, I’ve got total faith that they’ll hold up to anything and everything this mid-pack rider can throw at them. Whether that’s blowing a line into a boulder field full of lava rocks or dropping my bike onto slabs of granite, these pegs will hold up.

Flo Motorsports 3.0 Foot Pegs Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you are looking to add a personal touch to your bike, give it some flair or are looking for an upgrade that will give you more confidence to grip and rip, the Flo Motorsports 3.0 foot pegs will deliver. The stainless-steel teeth chew up boots, which is my only real complaint about the pegs, but it’s a small price to pay for the traction, durability and fashion points the pegs give me and my bike. The self-cleaning mud grooves have done a good job, although we really do not get a ton of thick clumpy mud here in the high desert, but my limited experience leads me to believe they should do alright in thicker slop. Overall, I am very pleased with the Flo 3.0 foot pegs and think they’ll become standard equipment on all my bikes moving forward.

Price: $139.95 – $159.95

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We Dig

Look at ‘em!
Replaceable cleats
Wide platform

We Don’t

They eat boots!


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