Livsn Flex Canvas Pant Review


Words by Sourpatch | Photos by Brian Niles

What or who the heck is a Livsn? That is what we were thinking when we received a package here at the office. Livsn Designs is an apparel company founded with a passion for the outdoors. According to their website, the name Livsn actually comes from the Swedish word livsnjutare, which roughly translates to “One who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life.” Livsn’s approach towards their offerings focus strongly on sustainability and performance. Currently, Livsn Designs catalog has a fairly thin catalog that includes a couple recycled t-shirts, a Hi-Wool Fleece Jacket and these awesome Flex Canvas pants. Livsn also has a new Kickstarter campaign for their new EcoTrek Adventure Pants.

Livsn Flex Canvas Pant Review

When Livsn set out to design the Flex Canvas Pants, their goal was to make a pant that is built to be versatile, comfortable, and tough without looking tactical…mission accomplished. Livsn’s Flex Canvas pants have a tailored-fit and use their custom Eco Flex Canvas fabric. The Eco Flex Canvas is 7.3oz of duck canvas comprised from 58-percent GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, 40-percent Recycled Polyester and 2-percent spandex. The cotton gives the pants their comfortable to the touch feel while the polyester provides the pants with strength and fast drying characteristics. Meanwhile that 2-percent of spandex allows for full range of motion without binding or extra exertion.

Livsn loaded the Flex Canvas Pants with features but in a subdued manner. The back pockets are secured by YKK Lockdown zippers, a hidden zippered security pocket in the left pocket and a discrete EDC pocket. A gusseted crotch and articulated knees help maximize range of motion. All the pockets on the Flex Canvas pants use a strong mesh liner to help amplify the pants ventilation. A roll-up leg system has also been added for those that do not want their pants to be covered in chain grease. The list of features incorporated in these pants could go on an on. The Flex Canvas pants are available in four different colors and have a waist size range of 29 to 38.

Livsn sent two pairs of Flex Canvas pants in size 32 pants so that Drew and I could have our own pairs, one olive and one caramel. The pants offer a very true-to-size fit, for myself, the 32’s are just a bit too snug compared to some of the other size 32 pants I have, thankfully Livsn offers some off sizing and I can order a couple size 33’s whenever they get back in stock. That said, despite the pants being a little snug on me, they are very comfortable. Their casual, subdued appearance make them an easy choice to grab from the dresser. All the features are well thought out and serve purpose, especially the zippered back pockets, a huge positive for those of us that like to ride in casual-looking pants.

While they are not marketed as riding pants, we have ridden backyard motos, pumptracks and some casual trail rides in these pants. They are comfy, move nicely and are sturdy enough to where you do not feel bad getting them dirty or bushwhacking in them. They are my exclusive trail building and pre-post ride pant. Whether I am driving an hour away for an epic day of shuttling or 20 minutes for a dirt bike ride, these pants are on me as soon as I am out of my riding kit, they are so comfortable that I cannot wait to put them on after getting out of my sweat gear. Speaking of, I’ve yet to wash the pants after months of use and they are still not stinky or standing up by themselves.

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The Wolf’s Last Word

The Flex Canvas pants from Livsn Designs are a great addition to your dresser, no matter the activity. The pants have that casual appearance and are extremely comfortable and durable. We have a hard time wanting to wear them on the trail for fear of ruining them, but they have survived thus far for the times we have ridden in them. The only issue we have with these pants is that they are sold out in the sizes we need and colors we want every time we go to order more. So, snag a pair when you can and you won’t be sorry.

Price: $99

We Dig

Casual, Subdued Appearance
Eco-friendly mission

We Don’t

Not in stock


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