Spring Clean Mountain Bike Wash

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It’s that time of year! You’re tired of being cooped up, trails are starting to melt out and you can’t wait to put tires to dirt. Sadly, our quest to keep pedaling can lead us into some muddy and sloppy conditions. Wondering how to wash your bike, or what products are out there? We teamed up with Competitive Cyclist to have a little fun doing a bike wash comparison video and showcase just a few of the many products they have available. The folks over at CompetitiveCyclist.com have also extended our readers a 15% off discount that also helps us continue reviewing products and making cool videos, so we’d be greatly appreciative if you checked them out for your online shopping needs.

Without further adieu, here are a few of the bike wash and bike lube products we used and what we think about them so far.

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Website: Finishlineusa.com

When Finish Line first came to be, they entered the market with a goal to develop premium quality and performance-enhancing bicycle lubricants. To formulate them with ingredients that respect the environment, market them honestly and price them fairly. Having done just that, Finish Line is now recognized as one of world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bicycle lubricants and related maintenance products.


  • Super Bike Wash


Simply put, it works and does what it’s supposed to do. It’s not our favorite for really muddy bikes but if you’re not regularly washing bikes as muddy as the one in our video, then you’ll be plenty please with the price savings over some options and how it does with some agitation from a soft brush.


Website: Maximausa.com

Maxima Racing Oils is a one stop shop when it comes to keeping your bikes clean and lubricated. Their deep catalog covers everything from cleaning supplies, washes, lubricants, waxes and oils and can be used on both bicycles and motorcycles. When it comes to cleaning, lubing and oiling our toys, Maxima has been one of our go-to brands.


  • Bio Wash
  • SC1
  • Matte Finish Cleaner
  • Chain Pro Chain Lube – Dry Formula


Long before this video we were fans of Maxima products. The Matte Finish Cleaner doesn’t impress us a ton when you’ve got a really dirty bike but it’ll do just fine for the average dirty bike. Maxima’s BioWash is a an eco-friendly option that works great on dirt bikes and is great for washing mountain bikes too. Spray it on, let is soak and agitate it with a soft brush for the best performance. We also love Maxima’s Suspension Clean, Plush suspension fluid, and especially their SC1 protectant spray. It will take almost anything that looks old and faded and make it shine better than new. We also used Maxima’s Chain Pro lube, which is available in a few flavors depending on your conditions.


Website: MountainFlow.com

Mountain Flow is a relatively new brand having gotten their start with their Eco-Wax for the ski world in 2016. Mountain Flow has expanded and now has a plant-based line of Bike Lubes, Cleaners and Waxes. As with all Mountain Flow products, the offerings in the bike line are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. What’s even cooler is their Bike Wash and Degreaser are plant based products!


  • Bike Wash


We absolutely love the fact the packaging is mostly made from recycled cardboard and that this is a plant based product. The fact Mountain Flow’s team was able to get products found in nature to wash the nature back off our bikes is really cool and makes us feel better about hosing it into the street. However, we found that it doesn’t work quite as well or go quite as far as other products in our test. Once again, if you live in SoCal, Arizona or other areas where your washing doesn’t regularly require heavy lifting of mud or gunk, this should do fine. It did take the dried mud off our bike, but required more cleaner to be used and more scrubbing and it still wasn’t quite as clean and film-free as others. If light cleaning is all you need and plant based, recycled packaging mean a lot to you, check this stuff out.


Website: Muc-off.com

When it comes to bike cleaning supplies, it’s hard not to think of the UK-based brand, Muc-off. They are a leader in the field and have a deep catalog of bicycle-specific cleaning supplies, lubes, waxes, etc. You name it, Muc-Off probably has it. Heck, they even have a sweet bike-specific pressure washer we used in this video and will be doing a standalone review on in the future.

If you take your cleaning seriously, check out this Bundle Kit. It comes with a bike-specific pressure washer, and plenty of cleaning supplies, like their insanely Nano-Tech soap concentrate, to keep you looking for reasons to wash your prized possession. We’re excited to put this thing to more use and will be sharing our long term review very soon.


  • Fast Action Bike Cleaner
  • Drivetrain Cleaner
  • X3 Chain Cleaner Tool
  • Brush Set
  • Ceramic Lube

It should come as no surprise that a brand based in the heart of mucky riding, has their stuff dialed. The Fast Action Bike Cleaner does a really good job and bubbled as soon as it hit the mud on our bikes. What really blew our minds and was probably the most rewarding part of this wash though, was using the Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaner Tool and seeing how much better our chain looked after we were done. The puddle of crud in the bottom of that tool on the other hand, that was not exciting to see. Muc-Off’s bike washing products are going to be getting a lot of use around here.