Honey Stinger Cracker Bar Review


Review by Drew Rohde
Photos by Dusten Ryen

Honey Stinger’s Cracker Bar is one of the nutritional brand’s latest concoctions designed to offer a rewarding recovery and fueling experience. Available in either Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate or Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, these treats can be enjoyed on the trail or anytime you are craving something sweet with an extra helping of protein.

Reading the nutritional information tab on the Honey Stinger Cracker Bar box will showcase a list of savory ingredients that are designed to give a desired balance of plant protein and carbohydrates along with a sweet and salty experience. Organic ingredients, including True Source honey help keep you running on all cylinders without the guilt or lag of artificial ingredients.

Honey Stinger Cracker Bar Review

Honey Stinger designed the Cracker Bars to be a recovery snack as the ten grams of plant protein help rebuild muscles after exertion. We admit though, we have eaten the bars mid-ride while enjoying a scenic overlook or even at the office instead of heading home for lunch. They are tasty no matter how hungry, or not, you may be.

It is worth noting however, that due to the chocolate and peanut butter contained in these bars, they have a notable amount of fat that makes them more like a treat.

What is the bar like? Imagine two saltine crackers sandwiching a layer of peanut butter that is then dipped in chocolate. The eating experience is a pleasant one, although we suggest having some water nearby, especially if you are out on a ride with a bit of a dry mouth. The saltine crackers and peanut butter can require some assistance on particularly dry days.

Honey Stinger Cracker Bar Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

We absolutely love the new Honey Stinger Cracker Bar. We prefer the milk chocolate flavor, but we are also fans of milk chocolate over dark. The dark chocolate is still a tasty treat and whether it has been out on a long day of riding and filming, or when we have wanted to skip a meal at the office to make a deadline, the bar will deliver plenty of fuel and keep us working longer. The only real downside is that we are almost out, and folks who are conscious about fat intake may have issue with the fat content of these bars.

Price: $28.99 (Box of 12)
Website: Honeystinger.com

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We Dig

Delicious Treat
10g of Plant protein
They work

We Don’t

Crumbs in the car


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