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Call it what you will, but as a small, DIY startup business, we’ve got a soft spot for others who are passionately putting it on the line to make something they are proud of while trying to pay the bills their own way! If you’ve got a small business that you’d like to share with us, please reach out with a little biography, and a couple sample pictures to see if you’d be a good fit! No matter the industry, we’re open to growing our community and are sure riders would love to support other riders. Reach out and let’s help each other in these crazy times. 

Sincerely, TLW team

As people struggled with losing work, uncertainty and lock-downs during COVID-19, some people were lucky enough to take those lemons and turn them into lemonade. One such person’s hard work and motivation took him from a busy fabricator and welder working in a shop to an entrepreneur looking to create fun products that align with his passion. Neal Jordan reached out to us to share his new personal venture, Mile High CNC. As a mountain biker with the know-how and access to machinery, Neal began creating fun products geared towards mountain bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts that he felt would be useful based on his own experience. Here’s a little bit more about Neal and Mile High CNC.

Mile High CNC

What is your trade and how long you been doing it/what do you like about it? How did you get started in it?

Neal Jordan: I started as a sculpture artist and eventually moved into the welding/fabrication field. After about 5 yrs of that I went off on my own in 2016. (my main business is Dirty Hands Fabrication).

I started Mile High CNC in November of 2020, to combat the hit that the metal work took from covid and the intense metal tariffs that drove the cost of materials up.

What took you from your trade to start making these little hangers? And why?
Previously my team used our skills to create custom projects for businesses with their logo cut out. To branch out of the brick and mortar world, I thought we could take that same technology and create very high quality CAD files of hobbies and sports people all over the world enjoy.

The rack came simply out of utility. I understood that the average person would rather that a super badass gear rack then simply an art piece that has no functionality.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever ridden? How long have you been riding, etc…
NJ: I love high alpine riding and one of my favorite trails locally is Lenawee (said len-a-way) trail. You climb up a fire road that takes you to the top of Arapahoe Basin ski resort and you are at over 12k ft elevation! Then you descend all the way down the mountain to the bottom of Keystone ski resort. (that’s my favorite local ride)

Favorite lift access is Big Sky in Montana, they have such a diverse selection of riding and its STEEP, which I love.

To learn more about Neal’s business, Mile High CNC, or to order your own custom hangers, visit


Mile High CNC