100% Trajecta Helmet & Racecraft2 Goggle Review

100% Racecraft2 Goggles
& Trajecta Helmet Review

Review by Cole Gregg

After some significant time in the 100% Racecraft 2 goggles and 100% Trajecta helmet, the time has come to share my impressions over a late winter and spring of riding. Let me preface this review by saying that for many years I have gone the cheap route when it comes to goggles, and up until recently, only used them with a full face helmet, which I reserved for downhill bike use. As lighter, more-ventilated full face helmets have grown in popularity, I find myself wearing goggles a lot more and for longer periods of time. What I’ve come to realized is how much of a difference quality lenses can make on the trail. Here are my impressions of the 100% Trajecta and Racecraft 2 goggles.

100% Racecraft2 Goggles and Trajecta Helmet Review

First we’ll look at the 100% Racecraft 2 goggles. Over the years, I have had many pairs of the Racecraft goggles, but stuck with buying the cheap, clear lenses. My oh my, what a step up the Racecraft 2 goggles are. The increased field of view over the original Racecrafts was immediately noticeable and much appreciated, and the 45mm strap keeps the goggles in place very well. The polycarbonate lenses come coated with an anti-fog layer to help dissipate blurry vision. If you are into tear-off’s, then you’re in luck as the Racecraft 2 goggle has a triple post tear off support keeping those extra layers secure at speed. The lenses are held in by a 9-point lens retention system that keeps them secure while still allowing for moderately easy lens changes. Also included is a removeable nose guard, while we didn’t use this it is a nice option to have if you are using these for moto or want the added sun protection.

100% Racecraft2 Goggles and Trajecta Helmet Review

With the trail full face helmet market growing larger each year, the 100% Trajecta seeks to be right in the mix. Our size medium comes in at 860g, which is in the ballpark of many competitors but is still 90g heavier than the Smith Mainline. This weight difference is noticeable when wearing the helmets back-to-back, but on its own it would be hard to tell. It is plenty light enough for the protection it provides. The helmet itself is made up of multi-density EPS foam injection molded with polycarbonate. The Trajecta helmet also features a patent-pending chin bar integration, multi-point adustable visor and D-ring closure system.

100%’s Smartshock Rotational Protective System has 13 points of contact via these cool little suction cup-type mounts that are designed to offer rotational impact protection. It is also super easy to remove and clean the liner after a long day in the saddle. There are 24 total vent holes and a washable, anti-microbial liner. Overall the vents to a pretty good job but I noticed that there is a hot spot between your eyes and ears, but this is really only noticeable on very hot days or on intense climbs.

100% Racecraft2 Goggles and Trajecta Helmet Review

Starting again with the Racecraft 2 goggles, the red mirrored lens option battled fogging well. While filming for video features here at The Loam Wolf, we are constantly hiking and riding multiple sections, so heat buildup is common and constantly has us dealing with fogged lenses. I was very impressed with how well these resisted fogging up. I fought the urge and didn’t wipe out the lens, and in the long run it helped keep that anti-fog coating in tact for many months of riding. For me, the red mirror provided a bit too blue of color interpretation. Basically, it projected too much of a blue tone, even during golden hour rides it was hard to tell just how warm the color temp was. Now if this is your favorite color profile then you will love them, if you’re indifferent, it is something you will get used to and probably not think much of it. As a fan of warmer tones in goggles, this tint was not my favorite, while this is a personal preference, it is still something to note. Luckily there are other options for various styles and environments, so pick what suits you best.

When the goggles showed up I saw the white strap, I was worried that they’d quickly dirty. To my surprise the strap has remained stain free. Pro tip, after muddy rides I would soak the strap in warm water and a little OxyClean because I am weird like that. But it paid off and they are still white! At $75 there is a lot of value here when compared to goggles twice the price.

100% Racecraft2 Goggles and Trajecta Helmet Review

The full face trail helmet category is new to me, sort of…While many of our crew have made the switch and almost exclusively ride in full face helmets, I’ve only had limited experience. I have been using a Giro Switchblade for a few years and recently started riding in the Smith Mainline. I felt the Giro was a bit hot, and bulky in certain areas. The 100% Trajecta solved that balance issue for me while being lighter and equally as protective. The majority of rides took place in cooler temps in the PNW with recent rides being down in Phoenix where temps hit 85 degrees. In those colder temps I liked that the helmet kept the direct wind off my ears, during winters my ears are always painfully cold, so this was a sweet bonus. Down in Arizona the vents really got a workout pushing air through and managing heat. I noticed that after a big climb I tended to take the helmet off for a water break, but I did not find the need to stop mid-climb or feel like I was overheating. This helmet offers a great balance for year-round riding.

As far as negatives go, I really only have one complaint with the 100% Trajecta. On my head, the liner integrated under the brow rubbed me the wrong way. The liners outer edge is robust, which will help it stand the test of time, but I found that it rubbed on my forehead quite a bit. After three weeks of consistent use, it seemed to soften up, but the issue was still present. I originally planned to trim this small section but ended up leaving it as is to see if the material would soften up over time.

 The size medium fits pretty true to size, but I’d put it on the smaller side if anything. The provided extra pads really let you choose your fit. For me the stock offering worked great. Also, I have not noticed any major change in the foam’s density after around 30 hours of use and multiple hot water cleanings. For some, the D-ring buckle might be a turn off but I rather enjoy this and would opt for a D-ring over a Fidlock closure system.

The Wolf’s Last Word

When paired together, the 100% Racecraft 2 goggles and Trajecta helmet are a match made in heaven. For just over $300 for both items, there is a solid value and we can certainly recommend both items. The goggles are not quite as good as offerings from Smith and Oakley when it comes to clarity of vision, but they also cost quite a bit less. We like how well they battle fogging, the triple layer foam and comfort. The Trajecta is a great option for those looking for full face protection without weighing down your head on steep descents. It’s a solid option for aggressive trail, enduro, and eMTB riders wanting a bit more protection without DH-helmet heat.

Trajecta Helmet – $250
Racecraft2 Goggles – $75

Website: 100percent.com

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We Dig

Affordable price point
Great ventilation (Helmet)
Anti-fog coating (Goggles)

We Don’t

Material near the brow line on the liner rubs on the forhead
Cool tone of the lenses


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