Fidlock Twist Bottle + Tex Base Review


Review by Nic Hall

The Fidlock Twist Collection seeks to offer a solution for riders who may have a bike without a bottle cage, or for thirsty riders who need more than one bottle. Of, if you are like us and constantly switching between bikes while testing, it’s a guaranteed way to ensure you don’t end up showing up to the trailhead on a bike that has no place to store our water…Or even worse is swapping between bikes and accidentally taking a swig of your buddy’s week-old electrolyte mix. Needless to say, riders are always looking for convenient ways to carry water on the trail. Fidlock has been putting out some very high-tech bottle management systems that can fit nearly any need.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Fidlock Twist system uses a magnetic base that can lock bottles, phones, and bags to nearly any surface imaginable. Strong magnets directly attach to the base and lock the bottle or other accessory in place, requiring a twisting motion to unlock it.

Fidlock Twist Bottle + Tex Base Review

My quest for water bottle transport began as I was looking for a solution for the several hip packs, I have been testing that do not have a bottle sleeve. While many of them have bladders integrated, I still like the ease of use and washability of the bottles. Fidlock makes several bases for various applications, but I opted for the Tex Base. The Fidlock Tex Base attaches to nearly any flat strap up to about 2”. It has a flat back plate that screws into the magnet potion around whatever strap you want. The entire piece is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and the machining is top quality.  When the bottle is not attached, the mount only sticks out half an inch.

Fidlock also makes several bottles and bags to attach to the mount. I ordered both the Twist 450 and 590 bottles for review. The Twist 450 holds just over 15oz and the 590 is 20oz. Both come in either clear or smoked colors and are dishwasher safe. The top features a self-sealing valve with a flip over dust cover. Each bottle requires a separate Twist connector to be compatible with the mounting base on your bike or pack.

Fidlock Twist Bottle + Tex Base Review

In typical U-Turn fashion, I realized I had not ordered the required Twist Base and waited another week for the complete package after a re-order. I attached the mount to my main hip pack easily and without much complication. The Fidlock Tex Base is strong and lightweight. You can crank the screws down to pinch the strap to the point it will not slide around. The mount is a bit bigger than a normal waist strap, so you can feel it while riding, but it is flexible enough to not dig into your side.

The Fidlock 590 bottle is now my go to bottle. The smaller 450 is nice from a form factor but not large enough for a few hours on the bike. The bottles are high quality and soft enough to throw in the freezer if you want. Once attached to the twist mount and snapped onto the Tex base, the bottle is surprisingly secure. Only the specific twisting action can unlock it. I was surprised at the high level of retention and never lost a bottle during the testing period. Once you are done drinking, the magnetic base is easy to locate and sucks the bottle into place without having to look at it.

Fidlock Twist Bottle + Tex Base Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

Overall, the Fidlock system made me realize how easy bottle management can be on your current gear. If you are looking to fit a bottle into a frame with no mounts, on a hip pack, backpack, or even around a set of handlebars, the Fidlock system can do it. I am impressed at the level of bottle retention and the ease of re-mounting the bottle. At a price comparable to a high-end bottle cage, this system is worth the look if you do not mind adding a few grams.

Price: Bottle + Base combos starting at $37.99

We Dig

Ease of use
Novel design
Great way to adapt

We Don’t

Somewhat bulky Twist bottle mount
Spendy compared to a cheap water bottle


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