Dynaplug Air Kit Review
Dynaplug Air Kit Review


Review by Drew Rohde

Products like the Dynaplug Air kit are prime examples of modern-day mountain bikers wanting more from less. At risk of dating myself, it is interesting to see how much things have changed since back in the day when having a big, fully loaded pack full of spare tubes, pumps and tools was almost a source of pride. “Yeah, I know how to use all this stuff, and I’m more than willing to fix my bike or anyone else’s I come across!” I used to think as I rolled out of the parking lot. Without getting too derailed in what deeper, societal parallels I am drawing towards, we will just focus on how mountain bikers like to minimize what their carrying to maximize their fun and comfort on the trail. Enter the Dynaplug Air kit, the tire plug tool that will also inflate your flat tire.

As with the rest of Dynaplug’s catchy looking tools, the Air kit is built from 6061 Billet aluminum and weighs in at 0.7 ounces. Our kit, which includes a Dynaplug tool, four plugs (soft nose tip), two 16-gram CO2 cartridges, and one air hose with Presta adapter, fits nicely in the small, zippered neoprene pouch. We can easily stuff the Dynaplug pouch in a SWAT-style bib pocket or hip pack. We really like being able to simply pack everything we need in one pouch so that we can move it around easily depending on what gear we are testing or riding in.

Dynaplug Air Kit Review

It seems one of the reasons riders tend to carry less and less stuff out on the trails these days is that we have gotten comfortable trusting our equipment as tubeless tire technology and sealants have improved. When all that faith in your burly tires and sealant runs dry, it is nice to know you will not be stuck walking or waiting for a more-prepared rider to come save the day. We have only had to repair one puncture with this particular kit and were pleased with how it did. Over the years we have used and been around folks who have used dozens of Dynaplugs and Dynaplug tools, so we know they work well. What is new about this tool is how it incorporates inflation into the plug application.

To work the Dynaplug Air kit, you thread the CO2 canister into the tool, which as a protruding plug insertion rod that also has holes for air to escape once inside the tire. Simply push the pointed plug and tool into the tire, twist the CO2 canister to open airflow and close it back up when you have sufficient air pressure. Next you pull the tool out and the plug stays in the tire. It is an easy, quick fix that will get you back on the trail without having to sort through all your different pockets and pouches.

Dynaplug also ships the kit with an air hose so if you need to loan some air to top off a tire and do not need to deploy another plug, simply thread on the hose, and use it like a traditional CO2 tool.

Dynaplug Air Kit Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

At $74.99 the Dynaplug Air kit may seem excessive, but when compared to the rest of their line, it does not seem too far off. Other offerings like the Dynaplug Pill and Racer Pro retail for $54.99- $59.99 and do not include two CO2 cartridges or a threaded Presta air hose and carrying case. It certainly is a little pricey, but if you put a premium on streamline products that save you space, weight and simplify your load out, it is worth a check. As with all Dynaplug’s gear, the Billet machining and quality craftsmanship is top notch, and it is hard to not appreciate the finish, look and lifetime warranty. When it comes to how the kit works, it does its job. There really is not too much tech or fancy ways to word how a tire plug and CO2 system work beyond saying, we carry one in our packs and trust that it will do what it needs to do when we need it. Dynaplug has done a great job creating a tidy package that will fix and fill your flat in one shot. Bonus points for efficiency and looks. 

Price: $74.99
Weight: 0.7 ounces
Website: dynaplug.com

We Dig

Ease of Use
Neat and Tidy
Fixes and Fills

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