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There is nothing worse than having to wash a dirty, dried mud caked bike. Sure, one could soak it with a hose and try and spray all the mud off for ages, but who wants to do that. A pressure washer would make the job so much quicker, however, some pressure washers may be too powerful to take on the simple task of washing a bicycle. That’s were Muc-Off saw an opening and decided to come out with their Pressure Washer.

Muc-Off sells their as Bicycle Pressure Washer as a bundled kit for $259.99. The kit includes their Bicycle Pressure Washer which is capable of pushing out 6.5-liters per minute plus a carrying bag. In addition to the normal pressure washer sprayer, a snow foam lance is also included to properly soap your target. Muc-Off also includes quite a few of their bike safe cleaning products in the bundle:

  • Nano Tech bike Cleaner
  • Bike Cleaner Concentrate
  • BioDrivetrain Cleaner
  • Bike Protect
  • C3 Dry Lube
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With a relatively compact size and weight of less than seven pounds, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer is a small yet powerful enough unit that will handle your dirtiest adventures on two wheels. While it’s certainly lower pressure than other options you’d find at Home Depot from tool brands like Ryobi and the like, those lower pressure numbers help ensure a careless or distracted user won’t do too much damage to the bike. If you want something to power wash your driveway or deck, as well as wash your bike, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer will get it done, it just may take a little more time on your home projects than a 2,000PSI washer.

We realize home chores aren’t what this bike-specific pressure washer was designed for, it was specifically designed for washing bikes, however we realize many people may not want to own two such units and take up that valuable extra space in the garage. When it comes to washing our bikes, the washer has just enough pressure to knock dried and crusted up mud and rinse away debris without stripping the paint. When it comes to using a pressure washer on your bicycle, care should be used when aiming in crevices, bearings and other sealed areas. That being said, if you live in an area where you regularly encounter nasty conditions or you just love having a showroom clean bike, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer and Cleaning Kit is something that we absolutely love and use regularly. The benefit of buying the kit is worth it as you get a nice case that holds the power washer plus your soap, towels, brushes, and other accessories that come in the kit and would likely add up to being more if bought individually. Plus, if your bike is only moderately dirty or dusty, you can just use the soap from the spray bottle and wash it the old fashioned way for touch ups between heavy duty washes. It may sound silly, but our crew has infinitely more fun washing our bike with the Muc-Off power washer, which means we’re caring for and maintaining our bikes more than if we didn’t have it – after all a clean bike is a happy bike.

Price: $259.99

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Carrying/Storage Bag

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