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Review by Drew Rohde

A few months back a marketing contact from 4D Drink reached out to us about signing up for an affiliate marketing program and to gauge our interest on promoting their products. Sure, the idea of getting a commission based on the size of our following seemed appealing, but we value our reader’s above all else and responded by saying we wouldn’t feel comfortable promoting anything until we’ve had sufficient time letting a few of our testers put the product to use. As a rule, we will never promote or recommend a product we do not personally believe in, and 4D was more than pleased to send us some samples and await our feedback. Now after a few months of testing different flavors and letting different members of the team try the stuff out, we are happy to say, it actually works pretty dang good.

With over 30 unique amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, and other key ingredients, 4D’s drink mix has some pretty lofty goals when it comes to taking care of its user. With four areas of focus: Mind, muscles, joints and skin, this energy drink mix swings for the fences. 4D was started over ten years ago by Jason Navarro, a professional baseball player who was looking for a way to streamline the bulky number of supplements he was taking into one clean, performance-packing mix. According to 4D the development process took more than one year and 120 different recipes before it was finalized, and it has not changed since.

Striving for an entire body boost is lofty, and while we cannot admit to drinking this product every single day, we did not really notice any huge differences in our skin or major changes in our joints. Although we have heard that some bodies react to glucosamine while others, sadly, do not. What we did notice however is a subtle and sustained increase in energy, mood, and motivation. It also seemed that the ingredients used to improve muscle performance put in a little bit of work as the standard lactic acid burn seemed delayed, if at all present.

There are over 30 ingredients, which 4D says were all carefully chosen but a few key ingredients stood out to us. Vitamins A, K, B6, B12, C and D all help with basic function from mood to energy and general immune system help. Ginseng also helps with brain and immune functions and Tyrosine, found in avocados does much the same. Beta-alanine is an essential building block of protein and claims to enhance physical performance. Arginine is another important amino acid and stimulates the release of growth hormones, insulin and more, which helps increase blood flow. BCAA’s help reduce fatigue and muscle pain while bromelain and vitamin E, which are both considered as natural anti-inflammatories help keep aches at bay. The list goes on with L-Thiamine, Niacin, potassium, caffeine, carnitine, and Taurine.

Smith Mainline Helmet Review

4D drink mix is available in several flavors but we spent the most time in the Combo 5 Pack box. The combo pack comes with tropical punch, peach tea, raspberry lemonade, and pina colada flavors, which all sat well with our testers. Depending on your palate and tolerance for sweetness you may want to dilute the mixture a little bit or opt for some of the less potent flavors. 4D Recommends mixing their powder with 24 ounces of water in most bike bottles that we run our 16 ounces which is why some testers found the mixture to be a little rich. I personally enjoyed the pina colada and tropical punch quite a bit with the Raspberry lemonade being my third favorite in the mix.

What we really liked about the 4D drink mix is the natural and controlled delivery of energy. Granted, we were not chugging these drinks but instead sipping or drinking them casually throughout a ride or even on the way to a trailhead. With 150mgs of caffeine in a serving (roughly 10oz of coffee) it was noticeable how we slowly felt energized in a controlled manner and benefited from in elevated mood. Do not get us wrong this is not some magical cure that will take you from being a mopey, depressed individual to Mary Poppins, but if you are paying attention, you will notice a slight shift in your mental state for the better. Could it be placebo effect? Yes, it is possible however there have been quite a few studies done on the benefits of vitamins, specifically the B vitamins, and how natural ingredients can affect the brain, so we would like to think the ingredients are doing their job.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Over the last couple of months, we have had several riders drink each of the flavors of 4D’s energy drink mix all with positive results. As we said before it is not a magical cure-all and we are not trying to sell someone snake oil, however we do believe that this product has some legitimate benefits and delivers on some of its claims. Most notably our testers enjoyed the controlled delivery of energy without the crash afterwards. people who are in tune with their bodies will most likely also notice a slight improvement in mood and focus as well. In our experience different people have different reactions to glucosamine so the claims of reduced joint pain or aches was not felt however the energy and mental benefits combined with the healthy vitamins and ingredients make this mix one of our new favorites.

Price: $9.95 (Combo Pack)

We Dig

Pina Coladas, & riding in the rain
Consistent and smooth delivery of energy
Slightly enhances mood/mind
Lots of good ingredients and vitamins

We Don’t



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