Tasco Scout MTB Short Review


Review by Nic Hall

Tasco makes some of our favorite gloves, including the Loam Wolf gloves here. So, when they released the Scout short, we were quick to ask for a pair to test. Tasco is known for making simple gear that stands up to repeated beating, and after riding the Scout short for the past 3 months we think it may live up to that reputation.

The Lab
Tasco admits they did not try to re-invent the mountain bike short, but rather reduce it to the most useful features. The Scout is made of a slightly stretchy nylon fabric with an articulated fit for maximum range of motion. Both front pockets have zippers to keep your goods stashed and a double snap ensures they will stay on your waist. An internal waist adjustment system lets you dial in the fit and triple stitching means they should last through a load of abuse without issues. The Scout is 21in from waist to knee, ensuring you will not be sporting a gaper gap on your knee pads. They are available in a range of colors from subdued black and grey through to a bright orange if you are feeling wild.

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I am 5’11” and 165lbs, typically wear a medium or 31” waist and the medium Tasco Scout shorts fit me well once I’d set the waist adjustment all the way tight. The thighs and knees are just wide enough to not have a full “euro” fit but tight enough to not catch on trailside bushes or your saddle. They fit well with even the largest of DH knee pads and do not restrict pedaling movement.

The material is a soft, tough wearing nylon that ranks a solid medium on my breathability scale. I regularly rode with the pockets unzipped to get a bit more airflow on long climbs, which really helped on the hotter days. The pockets are deep enough for even the largest of cell phones or twinkies, with the sturdy zippers ensuring they stay put. Even after a few hard low side crashes, the shorts continue to look like new and have no tears or rips on the seams. The small stash pocket on the thigh is a nice spot for a park pass or small gel and came in handy many times.

The Wolf’s Last Word

The Scout short is everything you need and nothing you do not. It is comfortable in everything but the hottest of summer days for long pedals and looks good after taking a beating. If you are looking for a short that will look good with any kit and pull duty at the pub after a ride, the Scout is hard to beat, but they are not an ultra-airy short for the hottest days.

Price: $99
Website: Tasco-mtb.com

We Dig

Subdued colors
Minimal fuss design
Goldilocks fit

We Don’t

Hot on very warm days


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