Crankbrothers Mallet DH Pedal Review


Review by Alex Sardella

Crankbrothers is certainly known for its range of products in the pedal, component, and accessory categories. The Mallet DH pedal has been in the lineup for over ten years as a go-to for many world cup racers, and has found itself on the top step of the World Championships ten years running. Ran by names like Danny Hart, Loic Bruni, and Greg Minnaar; Crankbrothers hold their pedals to some high standards. After using the Crankbrothers Mallet E pedals for a few years, I was excited to get my feet onto the bigger platformed DH pedal. The Mallet DH pedals feature similar characteristics to their slimmer counterparts but offer additional features and a bigger platform for goin’ fast on the bigger bike.

Crankbrothers Mallet DH Pedal Review

The Crankbrothers DH pedal comes with a concave, 6061-T6 aluminum body, tipping the scales at 479g for the pair. Not light then, but these are designed for DH or longer travel enduro bikes, so weight comes secondary to durability in key areas. The bodies spin on an IGUS LL-glide bearing on the crank end, with an Enduro MAX cartridge bearing on the outside. The spindle is made of forged chromoly steel and relies on an 8mm allen key to tighten to the crank, while the clip mechanism wings are a 17-4PH stainless steel which pairs nicely with Crankbrothers brass cleats. There are a variety of cleat options on offer, to customize the amount of float and the angle at which the clip-in mechanism releases. A rubber “traction pad” sits either side of these wings, which can be tuned to offer the desired amount of support around the cleat. 8 pins are on either side of the wide platform to maximize grip and feel, and Crankbrothers offers different lengths to tune this grip on offer. The pedals have 4 points of entry that allows the pedals to easily shed mud, dirt, and other debris on the trail, something I really liked on the Mallet E. Another key feature on the Mallet pedals is the 57mm Q-Factor – essentially a slightly longer spindle to add some width to your riding position, a wider stance can give you more stability at higher speeds. The pedals come in at $169.99 and boast a 5-year warranty from Crankbrothers.

Crankbrothers Mallet DH Pedal Review

Mallet Enduro (Left) vs Mallet DH (Right), a wider platform for more grip and additional security.

At first glance you can really tell that Crankbrothers wanted to combine the best of both worlds between a flat and clip-in pedal. The platform is beefy, which is exactly what riders are looking for when it comes to big compressions and more support on rowdy DH tracks. Getting the grip and assurance of a wide flat pedal, but the connection of a clip-in is awesome, especially blasting through tech and rocks found around my Tahoe testing grounds. The pedals provide a relatively loose float that feels natural and cozy out on the trail, especially paired with the 15 degree release angle of the Crankbrothers cleat, but the pins are still able to latch into a shoe to provide the all-important connection to move the bike around. I rock the Ride Concepts Transition Shoe, which offered an ideal pairing for the pedals, gripping well on the pins yet allowing for easy ejecting when needed. I could definitely notice the step up with grip, coverage, and support over the Mallet E, and it all felt natural on the big bike. Though if you are looking to shed some weight on your trail/enduro bike, I’d definitely look to the Mallet E as the lighter option, even if it is only a 50g difference. The ease of entry is accommodating, making it an easy click in before dropping in. After about 8 sessions in the bike park, or 20 hours riding time, I have not experienced any durability problems. The pedals have taken a small beating from the occasional pedal/rock smash but there is no damage to the pins, bushings, or any issues with the points of entry.

Crankbrothers Mallet DH Pedal Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

Before testing the Mallet DH, I was using Mallet E’s on my Downhill bike. After spending time in both, I am going to keep the Mallet DH’s on the DH rig. It’s truly the better pedal when measuring stability, especially at higher speeds and bigger impacts. For riders looking for an extra wide platform that grips like a flat pedal but provides the security of a clip-in, the Crankbrothers Mallet DH reigns supreme. If you are after a reliable, durable pedal for your DH or longer travel enduro bike, I’d highly recommend trying out the Mallet DH pedals from Crankbrothers. 

Price: $179.99 / €179.99
Weight: 479g

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Big Platform
Loose float
4 points of entry

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