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After developing a loyal following for creating simple yet reliable bike parts, PNW Components’ Lander Jacket is part of their new apparel line. Sporting a clever cut, water-resistant DWR coating, abrasion 4-way stretch fabric and plenty of other neat features, this jacket showed up just in time for the wet weather. After almost two years of development, PNW Components was excited to send us one for review, so let’s dig in.

PNW Components says the Lander Jacket, available in orange or green, is designed to be your ‘lightweight trail companion’ but compared to other jackets like the Specialized SWAT jacket, it’s certainly a bit bulkier and thicker, which we don’t view as a bad thing as that’s been the exact reason, we’ve picked it on colder and wetter days. The Lander Jacket fits nicely between super thin, lightweight wind shells and heavier rain jackets that don’t stow away all that well. This jacket will definitely take up a bit more room in your pack but can still compress down into a small enough size to fit in most packs.

Features on the jacket include: DWR water-resistant coating, abrasion resistant fabric, 4-way stretch material, a large hood that fits over trail helmets, a unique internal belt system and dual zippers on the back for ventilation and a large rear storage area. If you’ve ever stashed a bunch of snacks, tubes, tools or a burrito in your jacket’s storage, you’ll know that the feeling of having your load bouncing around sucks. PNW’s Lander has a thin internal belt, that’s simply a strap with a couple loops keeping it connected to the jacket. Simply cinch up the belt and the jacket will stay put no matter the load. You can also completely unzip the jacket and use the belt to keep it from flapping and flying off if you get too hot while on the trail.

PNW Components Lander Jacket Review

Initial impressions of the PNW Lander Jacket were very solid. It has a nice feel, the look is simple but efficient and smart. Once I put it on the jacket I really liked the angled cut of the sleeves. They tapered cut is designed to maximize coverage but also stay out of the way while reaching for handlebars. At 5’11” 170lbs, the size large is a perfect fit for me and offers enough room to move without being too baggy.

When it came time to wearing the Lander Jacket in cooler temps, I found the piece to be rather versatile. Depending on the base layers and what’s worn underneath, the jacket could be worn down to temps in the 40’s or up into the 60’s on rainy days in the shade. While PNW says it’s not waterproof, the DWR treatment was effective at beading up moisture on light-to medium rains, even if it lasted for a long time.

The Wolf’s Last Word

PNW Components has entered the soft goods market with a real winner. The PNW Lander Jacket will be one of my new go-to pieces of kit this winter. I really dig the green color, subdued style, fit and comfort. I don’t always love the inner-belt strap as it can be felt around the torso if you don’t have it loose enough. I could see some riders wanting to just pull it out if they’re not loading the jacket up with a ton of stuff. Aside from that, I can’t really find anything not to love about this jacket. If you’re in the market for a mid-weight jacket that’s a bit more than a thin wind shell but not a full-blown rain shell, the Lander is certainly worth a look.

Price: $149

We Dig

Angled wrist cut
Water resistance
Colors/ styling

We Don’t



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