Shred Til Bed Kids Book Review



When it comes to raising a young one, it is every mountain bike parent’s dream to have the kid grow up to love bikes just as much as we do. But it can be difficult to get them to relate to a world cup race or Rampage event. Kids Ride Shotgun, producers of the award-winning Shotgun children’s seat, are well versed in the struggles of mtb parenthood so created the Shred Til Bed MTB Animal Alphabet book, to feature mountain bikes in one of their fundamental early lessons.

Without giving too much away, Shred Til Bed is an animal alphabet book that adds an MTB spin to things. Using mountain bike features for each letter lets older kids learn a little more about the sport, as well as keeping parents entertained themselves, whilst younger children will take enjoyment from the emotive cartoon animals. The “52 pages of MTB stoke” with a child-proof hard cover will run you $29, keeping it at a stocking-friendly price for gifting a close friend or relative.

Shred Til Bed Kids Book Review

It’s safe to say the Shred Til Bed book went down a treat with both the little ones and the parents. It adds a neat touch that produces a double whammy of joy as the kids learn both an extremely vital skill for life ahead, and the alphabet… The illustrations are great, fun for both the kids and parents to look at, and the rhymes are catchy and entertaining, crucially avoiding the oversimplicity of some standard kids books. Although $29 is a good chunk of cash for a typical alphabet book, it contains more value than the typical ABC’s and so makes for a great gift idea as we approach Christmas.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Shred Til Bed offers a great, fun gift idea for a friend or family member with children in their lives, adding extra value to one of life’s early lessons.

Price: $29

We Dig

Fun Spin on things
Attractive illustrations
Catchy Phrases

We Don’t

Can’t be seen reading it alone


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