Trail Manos Jersey And Glove Review


Review by Alex Sardella | Photos by Vinnie Zacha Herthel

Trail Manos, or Trail Hands for the gringos, is a new and upcoming brand hailing from the SW corner of the US. Based in Arizona, Trail Manos has only been around for about a year but are currently making big strides in the bicycle industry with a colorful lineup of gloves and riding apparel. With partners such as NICA and Fezzari Enduro Racing, you will see Trail Manos on the trails in no time if you haven’t already. We recently caught up with Trail Manos at the Sedona MTB Festival and briefly chatted about the line, their mission, and ways they are already giving back to the regional community.

Trail Manos is currently building out their product line, but in the interim, are doing as much as possible to give back and spread the stoke. They have partnered with numerous local trail building groups, Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund, and the Gloves for Love program where they help upcycle used gloves.

Trail Manos Jersey And Glove Review

Trail Manos was kind enough to loan us a fresh pair of gloves and jersey to test out. The gloves feature a four way stretch mesh on the top, and a synthetic leather palm with perforations to promote airflow and silicon graphics on the palm to aid with grip on the bars. In addition, the gloves offer a sweat cloth on the thumb for sweat and snots, and a sleek finish with no Velcro. In total, Trail Manos has 16 glove designs, all that feature sizes XS – 2XL, and run a fair price between $27.00 – $30.00.

The Trail Manos LS Jersey is super light and breathable, with an airy mix of polyester and cotton. There is a small zippered storage compartment on the right rib, small enough for a car key or trail snack. The jersey has no tags, anywhere, which I dig as tags on the neck can be irritable at times. The jersey is best suited for warmer weather riding and keeping the sun off your arms. Trail Manos has a small series of SS and LS jerseys pricing out at $60 and $65 respectively. Like the gloves, the jerseys come in a wide range of sizes from XS – XXL, with a couple of tailored offerings for women as well.

Trail Manos Jersey And Glove Review

Both the gloves and jersey look sweet when paired together. The reds and oranges definitely give off a SW, deserty vibe. Trail Manos is having some fun with the colorways in their lineup of gloves and are not afraid to go bright and bold, as shown here. I have brought them along for many rides now and have seen no issues thus far, the fit is fantastic. The gloves are stylish, and the synthetic leather palm feels plush against the grips. There is little excess material on the palm too – Trail Manos did a nice job keeping a minimal amount of material on the palm, avoiding the bunch up of some other gloves.  We like the wide range of sizes as well, with the variety of bikers out on the trail, TM definitely has a size for you!

The jersey has an incredibly airy feel to it, more so than any other long sleeve jersey I have worn. You actually get a breeze passing through the whole jersey when cruising down the trail. For this reason, you’re best to keep this to the warmer times of the year, or layer over the top. The jersey has a relaxed and comfortable fit throughout the arms, chest, and back. There is branding at all points of the jersey, which is purposely done to help out Trail Manos for brand recognition out on the trail. It’s a bit too much for my liking, but being a new player in the game, I see the reasoning, and it’s not too in your face. The colors definitely say Southwest and pair together nicely with the “Chelley” glove tested, tying in the look.

Trail Manos Jersey And Glove Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

First off, we would like to wish Trail Manos a happy first birthday, creating a brand during these times certainly can come with hurdles. Both the Gloves and Jersey are solid options for summertime or warmer weather riding. The fit on the gloves has really impressed us. Being new to the game, we would suspect it would take a few generations to dial in the fit, but Trail Manos seem to have nailed it right off the bat. With a wide range of sizes and styles, there is something for everyone. We look forward to seeing the brand continue to build out their product line and partnerships going into 2022.

Gloves – $30.00
LS Jersey – $65.00


We Dig

TM already giving back
Wide range of sizes, styles
Products for warmer weather
A+ glove fit

We Don’t

Too much branding on jersey


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