Muc-Off Disc Brake Cover Review


Review by Cole Gregg

While these Muc-Off disc brake covers are nothing new, they are no less useful than when they first came out. You might overlook the importance of keeping your brakes clean, until that one time you take a long road trip then drop in after a shuttle run at the top of Darington. Why so specific you ask? I am speaking from experience here…

This is a simple, straight forward product designed to keep road grime, and in my case diesel soot, off your rotors and pads. The Muc-Off Disc Brake Covers are made from a breathable neoprene and ship as a pair for $29.99. The covers work on all disc brake bikes, no matter the rotor size. I use 223mm TRP rotors front and back and have not had an issue getting these on.

They Velcro together for an easy and secure fit. I like to take them completely apart before install just to make sure I can get the most coverage possible. I tend to bend the plastic backing around the brake hoses to wrap around the brake here and ensure there’s no gap. Depending on your rotor size you might not need to do this.

Muc-Off Disc Brake Cover Review

Driving an old diesel truck, anything that sits behind my bumper be it a trailer or bike rack gets a healthy coating of soot on even the shortest of trips. On a trip longer than about an hour this is extremely noticeable. I can’t even count the number of times I have had to pull my pads to sand away the nasty coating of soot. These no fuss covers are a life saver. As I mentioned above, I had a 4-hour drive to some trails, hopped on a shuttle to the top of the mountain and dropped in with essentially 3% braking power, it was a terrifying mistake to say the least. Thankfully I now posess a simple solution.

Not only do these covers protect your brakes from road grime, but they also make great covers when washing your bike. I store my bikes in the house over some nice white carpet, so needless to say they are getting a good wash post-ride. The covers take the headache out of having to be diligent where you spray soap or ceramic polish. I once got SC1 polish on my rotors and had to scrap them, there was no coming back from that…

The Wolf’s Last Word

I think Muc-Off’s Disc Brake Covers are a must-have for anyone looking to preserve their braking power when showing up to the trails, especially if you haul your bikes on a rack. Sure, you can wrap a towel around them – I’ve tried that too – but these simple covers are seriously worth their weight in gold.

Price: $29.99

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