Odyssey Activewear Long Sleeve Performance Jersey Review


Words by Robert Johnston | Photos by Adam McGuire

 Odyssey Activewear is a UK-based clothing and accessories brand, created to produce the style and quality of multi-sport apparel that founder Chris Spooner wished he could buy in the stores. With a background in graphic design, the visual aspect of the apparel was important to Chris and led to the wide variety of jersey designs available, but his interest in a diverse range of outdoor hobbies meant the performance had to be up to scratch too. We got our hands on one of their new Contour Slate jerseys to put to the test.

The Odyssey Activewear Performance Long Sleeve jersey is designed to be suitable for all sorts of outdoor sports, from mountain biking to hiking and even in the gym. The foundation of the jersey is their premium Micro Mesh Interlock fabric, a woven polyester material which should promote moisture wicking and allow the jersey to breath whilst remaining soft and comfortable. The material also features UV-protection to keep your skin from the harmful rays. The jersey features a regular fit, with raglan sleeves to offer improved mobility when articulating the shoulder – especially important when stretched out on the bike. The jersey graphics are sublimated rather than printed, ensuring the colors and patterns are locked into the fibers and won’t fade over time, and the neck label is printed to ensure there’s no irritation in use. The Odyssey Activewear Performance Long Sleeve jersey is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, in sizes S-XXL and with a Women’s fit option in select colorways, for a retail price of £44.99.

Odyssey Activewear Long Sleeve Performance Jersey Review

Between myself and a shredder friend at the other end of the sizing spectrum, it’s safe to say the Odyssey Activewear Performance long sleeve jerseys fit true to size with their regular fit. Sleeve lengths are reasonable, and the body is average length across the sizes, though absent of a drop-tail that would increase the useful length when in the saddle. There’s a little more room in the bicep and body than you’d expect from a racier slim-fit, but that’s purposeful to offer a slightly more casual aesthetic and feel when performing other activities.

The material is on the slightly thicker side but manages heat fairly well considering. The Odyssey jersey wouldn’t be my go-to in the hotter days of summer, but in conditions around the 10C/50F-15C/60F range it proved to be comfortable. In typical synthetic material fashion, things dry out quickly when you stop exerting yourself, though there’s no real chance of wearing the jersey on multiple consecutive days without building up a bit of a stench. The woven polyester material isn’t the softest I’ve experienced, but certainly wasn’t uncomfortable, with no itchy seams or tags.

These days £45 seems on the reasonable side for a “performance” jersey but given the absence of any ride-specific features and the relatively basic construction, it’s about right. Thankfully, the longevity seems to be up to par, surviving many washes and tangles with trailside shrubs without showing much damage to prove it. I’m a fan of the looks of the Contour Slate jersey I selected to test, with minimal branding and a relatively clean design, but those seeking a bolder colorway will be satisfied by other options in the range.

The Wolf’s Last Word

A simple but effective long sleeve jersey for the everyday conditions, Odyssey Activewear’s Performance long sleeve jersey is a good option for riders looking to add a versatile jersey to their wardrobe with a unique design and minimal branding.

Price: £44.99 /$87 (shipped)
Website: Odysseyactivewear.com

We Dig

Clean looks
Reasonable pricing
Apparent durability

We Don’t

Not the airiest


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