Nukeproof Blackline Jersey Review


Words by Robert Johnston
Photos by Adam McGuire

Nukeproof’s apparel range is growing constantly, with multiple items to choose from for every part of the body and a range of conditions. When it comes to staple ride wear items, a well performing jersey should offer multi-season usability, and is typically the item focused upon for styling statements. On both ends of the styling spectrum are Nukeproof’s Outland DriRelease tech tee, and Blackline Jersey. Though they look very different they have a lot of crossovers, so let us help decipher the correct option for you.


Nukeproof Outland DriRelease Jersey Review

Nukeproof designed the Outland LS Tech Tee to be equally as happy on the bike as off of it, with a relaxed fit to keep it looking casual and a slightly dropped hem at the rear to keep you covered. The entire jersey is made from a DriRelease material, with 88% polyester combined with 12% cotton, a healthy amount of stretch and a soft feel. DriRelease is highly moisture wicking and quick drying, thanks to a blend of naturally hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers. These are designed to encourage moisture to be pulled from the skin and released into the air, which should keep you feeling fresh on the trail. DriRelease also features natural odor resistant properties, meaning your jersey should avoid smelling regardless of how you smell. Crucially the DriRelease performance qualities are part of the fabric fibers and not added on after production, meaning it should retain its performance for wash after wash.

The Outland Tech Tee is available in a choice of three colors, all with minimal screen-printed graphics. It’s offered in sizes S-XXL, and retails for £45 /$60 /€52.

Nukeproof Blackline Jersey Review

Nukeproof’s Blackline range represents their highest performance apparel items. The Blackline Long Sleeve jersey is constructed from a pairing of Italian fabrics that are tailored to each area of the body. The 100% Polyester fabrics carry the Bluesign certification, which signifies sustainable production with no harmful substances. The jersey has a trail fit, designed to be a little loose on the body to retain comfort and style, with a dropped hem at the back and crew neck.

On the front section and the sleeves there’s a lightweight 115gsm fabric that’s designed to be highly breathable and soft to the touch, with a healthy amount of stretch to move with you. The material is highly moisture wicking and quick drying and designed to be abrasion resistant to stay in good shape for a long time. The back panel is a super lightweight 110GSM warp-knit back panel, designed to vent body heat and maximize airflow. The jersey materials have UV protective properties and an antibacterial finish, keeping you safe and smell-free in the heat of the summer sun.

We tested the limited-edition Thunderbolt colorway, which is one of the 4 color options offered by Nukeproof, with sizes S-XXL and a retail price of £55.

Nukeproof Outland DriRelease Jersey Review

For two jerseys by the same company that are designed for roughly the same conditions, the Outland and Blackline jerseys are seriously different.

The Outland Tech Tee is the epitome of casual, with a relaxed fit and soft material that can happily serve double duty as an everyday garment. The part-cotton DriRelease material doesn’t feel like a technical fabric, but once you hit the trail it’s a pleasant place to be. The jersey feels to excel around the 10-14 Celsius (50-58F) range on its own. Above this, it’s a touch on the warm side with minimal airflow through it, and below this the moisture wicking properties of the material pull the heat off your skin and can leave you chilly on a pause between hard efforts. The Outland jersey will dry out relatively quickly after getting wet and has remained relatively fresh smelling despite some heavy abuse, but it doesn’t stand out in performance for anything other than its versatility. Where some jerseys in similar materials can suffer from some bobbling of the material, the Outland has so far resisted any signs after many washes and a lot of muddy abuse. At £45/$60, the Outland jersey is a reasonably priced offering that’s worthy of a position in a mountain biker’s closet but is unlikely to get anyone particularly excited.

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Contrary to the Outland’s casual vibes, the Blackline jersey is clearly a purpose-built jersey for life in a saddle. The material just feels “premium” – soft and luxurious to the touch and with a clear level of breathability. The fit is slightly shorter on the body and closer to the skin, but doesn’t approach the tight, figure-hugging realm, and allows for totally unrestricted “barely there” movement. On the trail, the Blackline jersey is a seriously cool place to be as long sleeve riding jerseys go, venting any heat buildup well and minimizing sweat buildup. After many wash cycles there’s a bit of smell beginning to creep in after a good ride, but nothing untoward, and the material is holding up well to tangles with brambles and rub from a pack. The overall feel of this jersey is exceptional for conditions 12C (55F) and above, though I’ve not been lucky enough to ride in anything above 15C (60F) to test out the performance in the most demanding conditions. Below this, the level of air movement through the jersey and its limited insulation will have you reaching for a secondary layer to ensure things don’t get chilly. £55/$70 for a thin jersey signifies it’s more premium positioning in the Nukeproof range, but I’d say its performance can justify that price tag. I’m looking forward to the warmer months to get more use out of this lightning-fast jersey.

The Wolf’s Last Word

The Outland and Blackline long sleeves have very different aesthetics and feels. The Outland is a casual feeling tech tee suited well to general duty in mid-temp conditions, whereas the Blackline is a warmer condition specialist that feels more purposeful and racier. Both are solid performers in their respective subcategories, but the Blackline is a more stand-out performance option whereas the Outland is simply a nice general-duty option to have in the closet.

Blackline LS jersey – £55 /$70 /€65
Outland Tech Tee – £45 /$60 /€52


We Dig

Relaxed aura of the Outland
Racey, performance aura of Blackline
Blackline premium feel
Blackline airyness

We Don’t

Outland can feel a little hot


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