O'Neal Spring Kit Review



Review by Alex Sardella | Photos by Vinnie Zacha-Herthel

O’NEAL is no stranger to life on two wheels. With a stout background in Motocross, the Southern California brand has been making products longer than most of us have been alive.  For over 50 years, O’NEAL has been designing and developing quality apparel for both Moto and MTB. As of late we have been able to spend time in some of their new Spring ’22 offerings. Overall, we’ve been pleased with the simple and straight forward apparel while out on the trail.


Although O’NEAL’s roots lie deep in motocross, for many, time away from the track can be spent in the woods pedaling bikes. O’NEAL has a wide range of jerseys and offerings to fit any style. From classic tried and true styles, through to flashy and bright kits for mountain bike or moto.  We requested some of the more muted jerseys that fit my style and what I like, black!

O'Neal Tobanga Jersey Review

The Tobanga Jersey is a long sleeve jersey with a standard polyester fabric that checks both the breathability and durability boxes. The fit is generally relaxed, which when combined with a longer tail allows the jersey to fit casually on the bike. There is a tailored fit through the body with reinforced elastic all the way around the jersey which makes for a snugger fit. I’ve never seen this on a jersey before, but kind of dig it. On each side panel are features which are commonplace for a high-quality top: there’s a small pocket for a key or some credit cards on one side; and the other has an inbuilt goggle wipe. One stand-out feature is the flat seam at the 3/4 point of the jersey sleeves, which allows you to tuck them back toward the elbow if you are looking for a two in one fit. The Tobanga Jersey comes in a nice range of S – XXL sizes, and a solid price point of $59.99.

O'Neal Tobanga Slickrock Review

More and more I find myself wearing tech tees on and off the bike, especially in the warmer months. It’s an easy solution for pre/post ride hangs, you can go out for dinner with your buds without looking like you are headed to a supercross race. The Slickrock Jersey is O’NEAL’s take on casual performance. A 100% polyester shirt with antibacterial properties that can do it all. It’s comfortable, has a bike-tailored fit, and will run $29.99 which is fairly standard – maybe even on the cheaper end, because this is the bike industry after all.

O'Neal Trailfinder Pant Review

The Trailfinder Pant is O’NEAL’s all weather, all terrain pant built for both the climbs and descents. With an athletic, lightweight feel, the pants are tidy and trail ready. The pants come in sizes 28-38 in 2” increments, and those in between sizes can use the adjustable ratchet system to secure the pants around the waist. Oddly, there is no top fastener on the pants, with a sole reliance on the ratcheting strap to adjust the fit and hold them together. There are two pockets on either side of the thighs for a phone, keys, or snacks. The pockets are slim and won’t hold much more than that, it’s a bit tight for a modern cell phone. The Trailfinder pants are 100% polyester and come in at an affordable $99.99.

O'Neal Trailfinder Pant Review


Both of the tops by O’NEAL feature a pretty standard fit and feel, although the Tobanga jersey has some cool features that I haven’t seen in too many offerings. The elastic band around the waist keeps the shirt tidy and tight, while the seam at the 3/4 makes for a jersey that can have two different looks. You can feel the seams on your forearms when wearing the jersey as a true long sleeve – it doesn’t really annoy me, but some could find that irritable. That said, it’s a cool take on a two in one jersey and having both a small pocket and goggle wipe is a classy touch as well. The Slickrock Jersey is comfortable, and as simple as it gets, and I honestly love shirts like this.  It’s made for everyday wear on and off the bike and is perfect to wear at the bike shop all day and be ready to ride by 5.

The Trailfinder pants are a sleek and good-looking pair of slacks suited for the trails. The fit is slim throughout, but dialed for those with average proportions, and the size 34” that I have been wearing are true to size. The slim fit tapers toward the bottom of the pant, and the elastic ankle cuff is neat and tidy which makes for an easy on/off. Being a polyester only fabric it does breathe well but can get a touch humid on prolonged climbs. Personally, I would prefer some sort of elastic or spandex blend here, but the Polyester is undeniably tried and true. They are simple, lightly branded and not over thought, which I like. The only thing I find strange is there is no top button, which can leave you feeling a bit exposed. Although the ratchet system does the trick for the most part, it still is just weird to me!

O'Neal Spring Kit Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

O’NEAL’s bike offering has clothing options for any style of rider. If you ride both moto and mountain bikes, you may opt for the loudly branded kit options, where as some mountain bikers may prefer the simple and toned-down colorways. It’s nice O’NEAL notices the difference in styles and offers something for both. I have been digging the Slickrock and Trailfinder pant combo as an all-black and stealthy style out in the hills of Nevada.  I’m looking forward to spending some more time in the pants as shoulder season in the mountains gets underway, before the heat of full-on summer.

Tobanga Jersey – $59.99
Slickrock Jersey – $29.99
Trailfinder Pants – $99.99

Website: oneal.com/

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We Dig

Tech Tee’s!
Pants are solid all around
Simple line, not over thought
Price point

We Don’t

No top button on pant
3/4 seam on jersey could be irritable
Would prefer blended poly on pants


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