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Are you looking to save on fees and keep your bike safe when traveling? OruCase have gone out and created a bag that not only packs your bike away safe for multiple flight connections, but aims to keep cash in your pocket over the long run for post-ride brews. We’ve been transporting our bikes around the world in the OruCase over the last year and it’s time to report the outcome.


OruCase created their B2-MTB bike bag with the intention to travel on flights fee-free, thanks to its light weight and small size. As an MTB-specific bag, they ensured it will fit an extra-large Enduro bike, and you could likely get a large downhill bike in there with a bit of trickery. Coming in at $599 USD, it is on the higher price side of bags in the market, but what you pay up front can save you thousands throughout the lifetime of the bag. Not only are the bag dimensions within most airlines maximum bag size, but they also fall within the Amtrak and Eurail train network size limits. The bags compact size also means much easier transportation to and from the airport as it will fit in the trunk of pretty much any Uber or taxi.

OruCase B2-MTB Bike Bag Review

The bag itself weighs in at 17lbs, which gives plenty of room for most airlines 50lb limit before fees. The bags small yet useable stature also means in most airports you will not have to head to oversize luggage to drop the bag, which makes the check in process much easier. The bags exterior is made up of 1680 Denier-Ballistic Nylon, and the bottom portion of the bag is a durable compression-molded composite which houses the oversized wheels and helps fend off abrasions. Across the bottom of the bags exterior there are 2 aluminum rails that slide on all surfaces. Throughout the bag there are a wide variety of storage compartments both inside and outside, including a dedicated spot for rotors and a small pouch inside the separate wheel bag. Everything is tied together with a large #10 YKK zipper, giving smooth zipping and the strength required to keep the bike safe and sound inside.

Included with the bag are 2 separate wheel bags, with enough room to fit 29×2.5” Magic Marys when aired down. You could fit a 2.6” tire with a little more work, but would struggle to go any bigger. On the exterior of the bag there are two backpack style straps tucked away if you are running low on hands and have more than one rolling piece of luggage. The two wheels on the base of the bag are super sturdy, I have yet to have the bag tip over on me unlike other brands.

When the bag is not in use, the two dividers fold up and store flat. There are external clips that slide in and synch down, bringing the bag to 1/3rd of its assembled size. This makes storing the bag extremely easy. On top of all the features the bag is also 100% carbon neutral which I think is a rad thing that OruCase has set out to accomplish. A percentage of every OruCase product goes to purchasing carbon dioxide emissions permits. This investment goes directly to lowering the North American markets carbon footprint.

OruCase B2-MTB Bike Bag Review


When it comes to packing the bag it pretty is straight forward. This bag does require you to completely disassemble the bike, removing the fork as well as the derailleur. While this may be an extra step, it pays off in dividends with the amount of room you are able to save. Before putting your bits into the bag there are two fold-up dividers that make the bags shape. These dividers zip in just like your riding jacket, and getting the zipper started is surprisingly easy even after some abuse. Once the bag has taken shape you can pull your rotors and slot them in at either end of the bags dedicated compartment. Hot tip: put a sticky note or something to identify the front and rear rotors to avoid any headaches on your first lap. With the wheels placed into the wheel bags you can slide the bikes frame and fork right in the middle creating a very secure bike sandwich. I then like to wiggle the fork in-between the fame and wheels, this worked best for me.

Everything packs together snug and secure, more often than not on the first try – especially once you’ve done it already. The only real dislike with the bag is that there is no dedicated fork protection included. This can be solved with some towels, knee pads or whatever you see fit for padding. While this is a small gripe, I think at this price point some specific protection for the fork is a reasonable ask. I like to take my knee pads and wrap them around the frame for more peace of mind, mostly for if the bag gets searched and has tools not put back into their compartments. With that said there really is no way for TSA to miss pack the bag as there are very minimal accessories needed to secure the bike.

I was able to pack in all the tools and spares I needed for a two-week bike park trip in Portes Du Soleil with ease. When it comes to durability, this bag for sure has some very durable material, and after 3 round trip flights there is not one tear or puncture anywhere to be found which is huge. I have had a few bags fail in the past leaving me an unsure feeling once getting the bike ready to ride, but the OruCase B2-MTB held strong.

When it comes to the “fee-free” experience I give the bag an A+ for domestic travel in the US. It truly is as easy as checking in a normal suitcase. At the Geneva airport in Switzerland, I did have some issues with them not accepting the bag as normal luggage as it was over the airports weight limit. This was an issue with the airport rather than the airlines – I have never had an easy time at that airport, it sucks. Eventually I was able to work with the ticket agent and pay a fee associated with normal bags, rather than oversize bags. While I do not think this fault was due to the bag, it is worth noting regardless. I didn’t have issues in any other airports, including one in France, so I think we can assume it’s an isolated issue.

OruCase B2-MTB Bike Bag Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

The Orucase B2-MTB provides a very secure way to transport your bag in the car, on a train or flying thousands of miles away from home. The higher than most price tag is easily outshined by the ease of travel and cash saved on oversize baggage. With how durable this bag has shown to be it will be in use for me for many seasons.

Price: $599
Website: Orucase.com

We Dig

Ease of travel
Compact storage size

We Don’t

No included fork protection


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