BN3TH North Shore Chamois Review


Review by Cole Gregg

When it comes to long days in the saddle there are many of us that require some extra padding down under, I am not ashamed to admit I am in that group. To date there as really be no extreme changes to the average chamois other than some pockets for snacks. Well things just got a whole lot more comfortable for your family jewels with BN3TH’s first foray into MTB specific products.

The BN3TH North Shore Chamois is the first chamois to feature a special place for those special bits. Taking technology from their underwear with the addition of the patented MyPackage Pouch Technology your left with a chafe free and supported ride. The North Shore is made of 82% Polyester, 11% Spandex and 7% Ionic+ Polyester. BN3TH’s Ionic+ Polyester claims “No Stink Technology” that continuously eliminates odor. With sizes from XXS all the way up to XXL find the right fit will not be a problem.

BN3TH North Shore Chamois Review

The overall build on the BN3TH North Shore Chamois is top notch, the flatlock stitching across the entire product keeps your bum irritation free. There is silicone beading on the waste keeping the chamois from riding up or dropping down to low. There is also a wide layer of silicone on the inside of the legs preventing riding up on long climbs. The back panels fabric is vented increasing air flow on hot days. The waistband is extra wide with tight elasticity to keep it from rolling up on you no matter how hard you are charging.

The Sea-to-Sky (STS) Pad is a 12mm thick M3 30kpa density foam that reduces pressure points. It is made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex. The pad features a center channel increasing blood flow and reducing the chance of numbness on long distance rides. The cover on the pad, or better explained as the outside edges are 3mm thick with M3 20kpa material.

The big claim to fame on the BN3TH North Shore Chamois is the MyPackage Pouch Technology. If you have never heard of this the best way to describe it, is well a bra for your boys. While this might make you laugh at first it is no joke, and you are missing out. The way the this is put together provides 3-dimensional lift and support while not completely smashing your stuff to gather like other products.

BN3TH North Shore Chamois Review

Many years ago, at Crankworx I stumbled upon a booth that was “MyPackage”, this is now BN3TH. I purchased 4 pairs of their active style underwear and was immediately hooked, and now own 12 pairs… Once I heard they were dropping a Chamois I was eager to get my bits into one.

The MyPackage Pouch Technology is truly a game changer for me. You feel free yet supported compared to other chamois were your just absolutely jammed together. The BN3TH North Shore chamois pad itself did a great job on longer days; my typical 12-mile 3K foot loop was a walk in the park. Very little adjusting needed on long climbs and none on shorter punchy trails. The size medium fit me spot on, I am a 31” waist and struggle to generally find a happy medium (no pun intended) with sizing.

With the correct saddle and position, I experienced zero numbness on all my rides which was a breath of fresh air as that is something I have always battled. There was also no instance of chaffing or irritation on any part where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Ionic+ No Stink fabric did a great job I rarely used these more than twice as I had the ability to wash them at home. The fabric works, don’t let that fool you. After two days on the saddle for more than 4 hours there was no bad odors. While I would not push past that two-day mark, you can for sure get away with it free of any nose clips or Febreze. Breathability in the BN3TH North Shore Chamois was top notch on some very warm PNW days, in fact my longest climb was on the hottest day at 103 degrees, did not time that one very well… I have put well over 30K feet of climbing on these with more washes than I can count, and still not a single piece of silicone or stitching has come undone.

It is hard to pick out any negatives about the BN3TH North Shore Chamois, the build, fit and all-day comfort are a 10/10. Being picky as us product testers must be, I do wish there was bib version with pouches to hold water and snacks as I have become accustomed to no hip pack the past few seasons. Psssst BN3TH make a bib version!

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you’re looking for maximum comfort for your boys and bum, the BN3TH North Shore Chamois needs to be at the top of your list. The MyPackage Pouch is an absolute game changer paired with a solid bum pad it is a match made in heaven.

Price: $75.00 – $85.00 USD
Colors: Black, Alps, Vacay

We Dig

Stink free multi day rides
MyPackage Pouch (game changer)
All day comfort

We Don’t

Wish there was a bib option


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