Bosch Launches MY23 eBike Systems Including ABS for eMTB

Bosch eBike Systems

MY23 Systems With EMTB Innovations

ABS Trail, Minimalist Remotes and Hill Hold

Bosch eBike Systems expands the smart system, introduced last year, with numerous new products and features in the 2023 model year. The smart system combines high- quality, interconnected components with practical features that can be continuously expanded through over-the-air updates.

“From beginners to casual bikers to tech-savvy trail enthusiasts, the eMountain bike community is now hugely diverse,” says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “This is also reflected in our new products and features, which we have tailored perfectly for sporty adventures in challenging terrain. We intend these to offer all eMountain bikers the individual best riding sensation and the ultimate Uphill Flow.”

Bosch Launches MY23 eBike Systems Including ABS for eMTB

ABS Trail: specially designed with sporty adventures in mind

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trail enthusiast – good braking technique is a key requirement for unlimited riding enjoyment on challenging trails. With the new ABS, Bosch eBike Systems presents the world’s smallest ABS developed based on motorcycle technology. Bosch has worked with professional eMountain bike athletes in developing the ABS Trail application to meet the requirements and needs of sporty riders. In technically difficult passages, such as areas of exposed roots, eMountain bikers can now use the brake more actively. The new eBike ABS Trail automatically adjusts the brake pressure on the front wheel to effectively match the surface. This enables them to refine their riding technique even further improving their performance on the trails, while enjoying a safer ride.

ABS Trail helps eBikers to focus on the essentials in tricky sections, such as stony passages or areas with exposed roots. In technical passages they are more controlled and relaxed on the road. Therefore requiring less energy to bring the right braking pressure to bear on the surface. This means they can enjoy their flow for even longer on trail descents. In addition, ABS Trail helps optimise the transfer of body weight. Because the application reliably controls braking force, fewer braking manoeuvres involving shifting weight to the rear are required.

Bosch Launches MY23 eBike Systems Including ABS for eMTB

Relaxed uphill climbs: Hill Hold means there is no danger of rolling back on slopes

In alpine terrain, sometimes narrow, blocked trails are the only way to reach your destination, so the only choice is to push the eMTB. For greater safety in such situations, last year Bosch eBike Systems already introduced Walk Assist in the smart system. This switches on the motor support when pushing your eBike uphill simply by pressing a button on the LED Remote or Mini Remote.

The new Hill Hold feature now takes smart walk assist to the next level: If eBikers change their grip on the handlebars or have to stop pushing for a moment, the eBike is immediately and automatically prevented from rolling back unintentionally – without having to use the brake. Riders then have ten seconds to activate walk assist again before Hill Hold deactivates.

Bosch Launches MY23 eBike Systems Including ABS for eMTB

System controller: seamlessly integrated and slim in design

The new system controller from Bosch eBike Systems is a slim control unit for the smart system, that is reduced to the essentials. This can be seamlessly integrated into the top tube, protecting it from scratches and knocks – ideal for sporty rides. The different colours of the riding mode LED, each represent a different riding mode. The five LEDs indicate the battery charge level: if they all light up ice blue, the battery is 100 percent charged. If an LED turns white, this means the charge level has decreased by ten percent. Quick overview, greater focus on the trail.

Whether the sun is blazing down on the trail or your path takes you through dense forest, the integrated ambient light sensor ensures the best possible readability. It automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs to the current lighting conditions. The most important functions of the eMountain bike can be controlled with just two buttons on the system controller, their soft-touch surface (in the area of the buttons) preventing slipping and facilitating intuitive operation.

Bosch Launches MY23 eBike Systems Including ABS for eMTB

Mini Remote: A perfect addition with more functions

To enable the system controller to be operated even more safely and conveniently, Bosch offers the small Mini Remote operating unit as an additional product. It can be easily retrofitted and independently mounted on the handlebars. The three additional buttons near the thumb mean that further functions such as the smart push-assist with the new Hill Hold function, the eBike light or riding modes can be easily used without having to take your hands off the handlebars. If the Mini Remote is installed, a Bosch eBike display or your own smartphone can also be used and controlled in conjunction with the SmartphoneGrip. Thanks to the Bluetooth link between the Mini Remote and system controller, everything works completely wirelessly, further emphasising the minimalist eMTB look.

Bosch also releases the new Powertube battery offering in smaller 500 Wh and 625Wh offerings, targeted at eMTB’s with lower range requirements and eBike lights.

The new products and functions are available from specialist retailers or as updates over-the-air via the eBike Flow app.

Bosch released a whole bunch of other tech for MY23 targeted at life off the mountain. To learn more about the other offerings you can head to our sister site electricbikejournal.


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