Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review


Words by Robert Johnston / Photos by Adam McGuire

Coming into the late spring and early summer, your outfit needs to be suitable to keep you cool in the heat of the middle of the day, but you’d be silly not to cover yourself with an emergency shell to quickly add warmth when the temperatures drop or a shower passes. The combination of Leatt’s Trail 3.0 short, AllMtn 2.0 jersey and Trail 1.0 jacket could be the ticket to equip yourself appropriately for good times on the hill this summer.


Leatt supplied us with a few of their lighter weight items that fall on the budget end of their range, to put to the test through the British and continental European spring and early summer. As with the rest of the Leatt range, there’s no plastic to be found in the packaging, keeping your conscience that little bit clearer when it comes to buying your new gear from them.

Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review

> MTB Trail 1.0 Jacket

First up is the MTB Trail 1.0 jacket, which retails for $99.99/£80. Rather than being a wet conditions specialist, Leatt designed the 1.0 Trail jacket to be an ultra-lightweight and slim fitting shelter jacket. It packs down small into its chest pocket, so you can easily carry it in a pack or downtube storage compartment until the conditions call for it. It’s constructed from a thin, yet durable 4-way stretch material that offers water and wind resistance, with a dirt, water and stain resistant coating applied to resist the abuse on the trail. The 1.0 Trail jacket is an item that Leatt suggests may “save the day” and is equipped with some subtle reflective printing on the lower back to offer increased visibility to drivers in the dark, which could save the day in a different sense. There’s a stealth hood that’s designed to be worn under the helmet for a little extra protection without bulk, and reinforced elbow panels to fend off the most likely damage. The MTB Trail 1.0 Jacket is available in black only, with sizes XS-3XL to cover a wide range of rider physiques.

Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review

> MTB Trail 3.0 Short

The MTB Trail 3.0 short is the all-day epic focused short in the Leatt range and comes in at $99.99/£89.99 with options for black or desert colorways. The shorts are made with a lightweight 4-way stretch material that receives a dirt, water and stain resistant coating, and laser cut perforations are added in key areas to aid the breathability. There’s a knee length and “loose” fit, with extra room at the knee opening to allow for better compatibility with slim knee pads. A key selling point of the Trail 3.0 shorts is the Italian dual density “sport” chamois that’s included with them, which should offer all day comfort in the saddle. There are two jean style pockets on the hips, with a single YKK zippered pocket on the leg to store the valuables safely. Fit adjustment is provided by Velcro adjusters on the waist, helping to tailor the fit of the XS-3XL (28”-40”) size range.

Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review

> MTB AllMtn 2.0 jersey

Another item in the Leatt range to utilize the TENCEL eco-conscious, cotton feel performance material; the $49.99/£39.99 2.0 AllMtn short sleeve jersey takes the form of a casual tee but packs performance that should keep riders happy on the trail. The TENCEL material is soft to the touch and less irritating than cotton, with overlock stitched seams to prevent scratching, and enough stretch to allow it to sit well with body armor. The collar is designed to work with a neck brace, and there’s a microfiber goggle wipe and pocket on the inside of the jersey to keep eyewear clear and safe. The AllMtn 2.0 jersey is available in four subdued colors with graphics on the front to add a bit of flair, with sizes XS-3XL to fit a wide range of riders.

Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review


We’re stoked to see Leatt continue to supply their kit in plastic-free recyclable packaging, and the initial feel of quality is very high like the rest of their kit that we’ve had our hands on recently.

The fit and feel of the Trail 1.0 jacket is excellent, with generous length on the body and sleeves ensuring it resists riding up in use. The elasticity of the fabric allows for a relatively close fit to work without restricting movement at all, meaning it doesn’t “flap” as much as many baggier options. It is very much a minimalistic item that you could stick in the bottom of a pack, or even a short pocket at a squeeze, and forget about until a time of need. The single chest pocket is large enough to fit a phone or tool, but the thin and stretchy material doesn’t offer much support to stop anything heavier from shifting around. The hood is a useful bit of under-helmet insulation, doing a surprisingly good job of locking in the heat and fending off the worst of the rain coming through a helmet. What the Trail 1.0 jacket lacks in flashy features and bulk, it makes up for in its comfort and convenience, and it excels as a quick and easy layer to add a touch of protection from the elements if the temperature drops or a shower passes over. That said, it’s not a windproof or waterproof garment by any means, so particularly nasty weather quickly exceeds its abilities to keep you warm and comfortable. After being abused both in the bottom of my pack and on my body when riding the last couple months, the Trail 1.0 jacket is still looking fresh and ready to save the day many more times. It’s a lot of money for something so simple, but I’d suggest its performance justifies the tag.

Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review

The Trail 3.0 short is more aligned with the fit of other items of leg wear I’ve tested from Leatt previously, with a slim profile that doesn’t quite match the “loose fit” they claim. In the 34” waist size that is typically larger-than-perfect for me from other brands, the waist is a good fit, but the fit through the legs is effectively skin-tight. I’m quite bulky in my upper legs and so slimmer-cut individuals may not suffer from the same issues, but the Trail 3.0 shorts ended up being the center of some semi-playful abuse any time I pulled them on around my friends. That said, the 4-way stretch material allowed for this ultra-close fit to work without any restriction of movement, with enough room for a trail knee pad to slide in. The material is thin and lightweight and was breathable enough to keep things surprisingly comfortable through some sweltering Italian heat. The pocket setup worked well for both on and off-bike use, with that zippered pocket coming in handy to keep valuables safe and accessible when in the saddle, and the jean-style pockets giving some more relaxed storage for casual use and less important items. As a non-chamois guy, my take on the dual-density Italian liner shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but it felt comfortable and well-padded without adding too much bulk and thickness to be a nuisance. The lightweight material proved to be impressively resistant after a couple of dirt discos and plenty of saddle time, so if the fit is to your liking, then the Trail 3.0 short could be a fantastic option for the warmer months.

Leatt Spring/Summer Kit Review

It’s not often that a tee will be something to get excited about, but somehow the simple but oh-so-effective AllMtn 2.0 short sleeve jersey was the stand-out of the three items in this grouping. Not because it stopped me from sweating or gave me the style of Kade Edwards, but because it was incredibly comfortable and went about its business in the most under-the-radar way. I would wear it in a casual setting without a second thought and keep it on as I don a full kit of biking gear around it – few items in the closet do that better. I’ve worn this tee a whole lot over the last few months, and it still looks new, which I’m stoked on as I’ve enjoyed using it so much. The lens wipe and internal pocket are items I forget about more than I use, but they’ve been life savers on a couple of occasions where my eyewear has needed some attention. The AllMtn 2.0 tee is a seriously good item to have in the closet.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Leatt continues to produce impressively high quality and well thought out ride wear, though their sizing and fit still requires some careful attention by consumers to ensure these items look and feel as desired. As an interseason ride kit, the combination of these three items is stellar in looks, performance and quality, and with fairly reasonable pricing it’s hard not to recommend them if it fits well.

Trail 1.0 Jacket – $99.99 /£80
Trail 3.0 Short – $99.99 /£89.99
AllMtn 2.0 jersey – $49.99 /£39.99

Website: Leatt.com

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We Dig

Eco Motives
General quality
Breathability of all
Stowability of jacket
Comfort and versatility of jersey

We Don’t

Slim short profile
Jacket is quite pricey


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