Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit Review


Review by Drew Rohde

There are a lot of bike tools out on the market, but the Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit we’ve been reviewing here for the last four years, is the best bike tool kit we’ve ever owned. The tools themselves aren’t necessarily revolutionary, although they are very nice and work well, it’s the storage bag and packable size of this bike-specific tool kit that we love. Over the years we’ve built our own tool boxes with essential bike tools, or things we like to have, but tool boxes don’t always fit in suitcases or under the seat in most cars. The Feedback Team Edition Tool Kit does, and it will for many years.

Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit Review

Feedback’s Team Kit comes in a durable nylon carrying case that doubles as a tool organizer and will also open up and hang off your work stand. It’s a feature we’ve used on countless road trips like our Bike Park Review Tour and eMTB Shootouts all across the country. Inside the case are 19 tools designed to cover the essentials of what most at home and on the road bike mechanics will need to service, build or tear down their bike.

An upgrade we highly recommend is the T-Handle Hex Wrench kit, which makes certain jobs and hard-to-reach hardware a much easier task.

Inside the slim-packed kit are hex wrenches in both the L-shaped variety and Y- or three-way styling. Y-wrenches cover your small and mid-size hex bits as well as a TORX Y-wrench while the L-wrenches handle 8mm and 10mm bits. Also included is a set of cassette pliers, a couple of screwdrivers and a bottom bracket tool. Other more sophisticated tools help riders take their mechanic skills to the next level thanks to a lock-ring wrench, dual sided picks, valve core tools, a rotor truing tool, chain pin tool, brake pad spreader and more.

Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

Sure, this tool kit may not be as flashy as some high dollar Abbey Tools or $100 Wera tools we’ve reviewed in the past, but they look good, they function well, and more importantly, you’ll always have them at the ready because they come in such a handy carrying pouch. Plus they come with a limited lifetime warranty should any problems arise. As long as you put these tools back in their convenient little hiding places, they’ll be sure to last you a very long time. I am notorious for being rough on gear and losing things, yet this kit has bounced around the back of two different vans across the US more time than I’d like to remember and it’s still ready for more.

Price: $300

Disclosure: Our team selects all of the products we review and do so with honesty and objectivity in mind. Some of the products we receive come directly from Competitive Cyclist, who also value our readers and have offered them a 15% discount (exclusions apply) on their first purchase by using LOAMWOLF15. Through this program we may also receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support, TLW.

We Dig

Convenient Storage and slim size
Tools don’t get lost if they have a home!
Secure fitment in hardware
Durable carrying case

We Don’t



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