Gorewear Trailkpr Collection Review


Review by Alex Sardella | Photos by Vincent Zacha-Herthel 


GORE-TEX’s brand is often associated with keeping you dry in the wettest and coldest of days, however most may not know that GORE-TEX holds their own line of clothing called GOREWEAR. As you would expect, the products coming out of GOREWEAR are as high quality and premium as its golden child GORE-TEX. GOREWEAR provided us with a nice jersey and glove combo which fall under their TRAILKPR collection to test out for the cooler summer nights, when sneaking in a ride before sunset is what gets you through the workday.

Gorewear Trailkpr Collection Review


The GOREWEAR TRAILKPR Glove from GOREWEAR is a lightweight glove for the minimalists, like me. It’s a highly technical glove with loads of different materials throughout. The outer hand is 75% Cordura combined with Polyamide and Elastane to round out the remaining 25%. The inner palm is a comfortable 80% Polyester and 20% Polyurethane, and the cuff is a Polyamide and Elastane Blend for easy on/off. I may add the cuff is massive, almost 2 inches long allowing for a super easy on/off experience. The gloves work seamlessly with an iPhone, have a seamless palm, and are subtly branded. There is some nice attention to detail with a small hit of silicon on the pointer finger which helps with grip against the brake lever. There is a massive range of sizes from XS – XXXL that will surely fit any hand. There are three colors available, and the gloves come in at $40.

Gorewear Trailkpr Collection Review

GOREWEAR’s TRAILKPR JERSEY follows the same mantra as the glove – simple, minimal but technical. A 100% recycled Polyester makes up the jersey. It’s nothing new or extravagant, but is designed to feel cozy against the skin. Additional features include a slightly longer rear for butt coverage when leant forward, a non-itch rounded collar, and a double layer hem and cuff at the wrists. For me, the XL fits true to size, and the jersey is available in sizes XS-XL and runs a respectable $60.

Gorewear Trailkpr Collection Review


The TRAILKPR Jersey and Glove from GOREWEAR are high quality at a decently fair price. Perhaps given their simplicity and lack of apparent features they are a touch expensive, but the prices are justified and probably could be a bit higher without too many eyebrows being raised. The gloves are definitely my style; simple, sleek, and subtle. They have a tight fit and I have seen no issues or tearing after a dozen or so rides. The elastic on the top of the cuff is huge and probably the biggest I have ever seen on a bike glove, but it works and allows for a smooth on/off process. The glove finish sits nicely on the wrist and right at the sweet spot in terms of length. The outer Cordura fabric is well thought out and adds a quality layer of durability, going above most glove offerings out there. The gloves have stood the rigors of a solid wear test, and I will surely be wearing them more with cooler temps approaching this fall.

The TRAILKPR Jersey all in all is a quality top that will fit the needs of most mountain bikers. The Polyester is quality, breathable, and pleasant against the skin. Other than that, the features that make a jersey truly stand out stop there – there’s no goggle wipe, breathable back fabric, or tapered cuffs that a typical premium jersey would carry. The rounded collar is comfortable and the ideal size around the neck. The XL runs true to size for me at 6’3, maybe a touch too long in the rear, but nothing to whine about. The branding is simple, however the ‘+’ pattern doesn’t really make me too jazzed, and I think the jersey would be cleaner without.

Gorewear Trailkpr Collection Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

GOREWEAR’s TRAILKPR range is certainly quality and premium. As I have gotten more familiar with GOREWEAR’s Range, that seems to be the standard. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the gloves than the jersey. There are more materials and features packed into the glove and the fit is excellent. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the offerings in the TRAILKPR collection. Hopefully GOREWEAR will keep building upon their MTB line, and we can see some more quality goods in addition to their highly beloved GORE-TEX.


TRAILKPR Glove – $40
TRAILKPR Jersey – $60

Website: Gorewear.com/

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