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Counting down to Rampage. The invitation-only, freeride mountain bike competition is the gnarliest, most extreme event that we all look forward to each year and it’s just a week away.

The most talented and courageous freeriders are handpicked from all over the world to compete at this elite, radical event. 18 guys will go at it with nerves of steel and mind blowing talent. They put it all on the line and redefine what we think is possible on a bike every year. Competitors creatively choose, dig and carve their own lines in the martian-like landscape of the Utah desert. They are each judged on their choice of lines down the jagged ridgelines, steep shoots, massive gaps and huge drops it’s known for. They are scored for technical ability and the complexity along with tricks and style. To compete you’ve got to be on absolute point – mind, body and bike. Everything is on the line.

Any freerider’s Rampage dream starts with an invite, In late August, Dylan Stark got that call. As an up and coming rider with BMX roots and a carefree style, Dylan possesses insane creativity and individuality. He’s known for his style, his integration of urban terrain and his jaw dropping edits. He’s true to himself and carves his own path. After receiving the invite, Dylan went to grind and make the most of what he calls a “dream come true.” In Episode 2 we hang with Dylan as he shows us how he is rising to the challenge and how he preps and trains with his ebike for the biggest event of his life.

Rampage needs just as much focus on digging related fitness as it does riding and training. Tag along with Dylan as he preps for Rampage and see the vital role his ebike plays. In Episode 1 of High Voltage we see Dylan riding to his practice grounds as he throws big whips on his ebike just like he would on his analog bike. This time, we capture Dylan prepping for Rampage, using his ebike to haul himself and all his digging tools to his local trails. He shares how important a tool his ebike is and gives us the inside view of how he’s getting ready for his big debut.

In the series High Voltage, we will follow Dylan Stark’s journey to realize his dreams while he defies freeride norms and opens our minds to what ebikes are capable of, and how we can ride them.

Be sure to catch Rampage this year on October 21. Let’s all root for Dylan’s success!

Dylan rides a YT Decoy ebike with e*thirteen e*spec components:
Wheels, tires, tape, valves, sealant, Cranks, cassette, chainguide, chainring, pedals, Dropper post + lever, stem, handlebar

For more information on e*thirteen’s espec products visit:


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