Video by Brian Niles / Treeline Cinematic
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Bosch eBike Systems was kind enough to send one of their resident eMTB experts, Brian Cleveland up to our HQ in Bend, Oregon for some fun and education around the Bosch Smart System and how it works. Along with learning more about how the Bosch eBike system works, we learned about all the new features, updates and integrations within the system and the Bosch eBike Flow app.

Listening to feedback from consumers and brands is a huge part of making a brand successful and their products better, and Bosch listened to riders who wanted a smaller display and control unit. The new System Controller will be integrated into many future eBike top tubes and will give a minimalist display and control, especially when combined with the new Mini Remote. The current LED remote is a nice bit of tech and offers plenty of adjustability, but some riders want less and a more streamline appearance and the new Mini will be just that.

The improved Bosch eBike Flow app has lots of integrations which Brian explains in our video interview. Whether you want to synch up with a fitness tracking app, lock and alarm your bike, modify power or dive into some deeper analytics, it’s all there at the tip of your fingers.

One of the biggest updates in our eyes, is the new Auto mode available on Bosch Performance eBike drive units. It delivers automatic adjustment of support based more on speed than other modes. We compare it to cruise control on a car when you hit a big hill. The car’s brain will tell the engine to rev up and give more power to maintain the speed for a climb and let off for a downhill. It’s a very cool mode and one we grew to love very quickly.

To learn more about Bosch’s eBike System, click the link here, or ask any questions down below.


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