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The Specialized Power Pro Mirror saddle is the most comfortable bike saddle (seat) I’ve ever used. That’s quite a way to start a review, but, in my 27 years of riding bikes from road to mountain, I can safely say, this is the pinnacle of bike saddle comfort. Specialized is not new to the body ergonomics space, in fact they’ve invested heavily in designing products from shoes to chamois, to saddles that are mapped to work with the human form. In fact, it started back in 1997 when Specialized developed their Body Geometry department to help solve erectile dysfunction issues. Since then, their Body Geometry or BG wing has grown, added Specialized’s cutting edge Retul technology and now, Mirror Technology to their offerings.


What is Mirror Tech? Specialized uses a 3D printed EPU matrix with variable density to conform and mold to your body in any direction. While many saddles us a single-density foam, Mirror-equipped saddles have the ability to be infinitely dense thanks to the application of this material. It performs similar to rubber and has a nice rebound property to it.

Specialized Power Pro Mirror Saddle Review

By taking the BG and Retul data, heat maps and pressure points of how riders sit on their saddles, Specialized has been able to print this matrix in a way that’s supportive across a wider area of the sit bones without constriction of hot spots. It’s sort of like a bottomless hammock.

Available in either a 143 or 155 width, the Specialized Power Pro Mirror saddle can accommodate a variety of sized riders.

The Power Pro Mirror saddle is based off of Specialized’s popular Power saddle shape and features a similar BG channel cut-out. The Pro model features titanium rails and reclaimed carbon fiber base. Riders seeking even more tech or weight savings, will be happy to know they can spend even more money on an S-Works model. It’s also SWAT-compatible for mounts molded not the saddle base and weighs in at approximately 245grams.

Specialized Power Pro Mirror Saddle Review


We tested the less expensive, Specialized Power Pro Mirror saddle, the one that still costs more than what some people would spend on an entire bicycle. At $325 its far from a bargain, so we suspect justification will only come from those who are hopelessly searching for comfortable bike seats or spend lots of time in the saddle. If you’re looking for comfort and got even more coin set aside, the fancier S-Works Mirror saddle will set you back $450, but we don’t think there will be any notable improvements to comfort.

It goes without saying that bike saddle comfort is as subjective as shoe or helmet comfort. With that in mind, I intentionally sought out as many reviews on this saddle from websites like Pinkbike, Bike Rumor and Gear Patrol and more. Every single review I found corroborated my decision as this being the most comfortable bike saddle I’ve ever ridden.

We had several other testers also put time aboard the Specialized Power Pro Mirror seat with similar responses. The honeycomb center channel has the freedom to move, conform and rebound under a wide variety of body shapes. The variable density EPU offers nice support without being too cushy or collapsing, which can lead to friction, hot spots and discomfort over time. Conversely, it’s not a hardened perch that requires riders with iron taints be the only ones who can enjoy the firm placement above the saddle.

Where some ergonomic bike seats offer bike comfort claims and features, the Power Pro Mirror delivers and does so without bulky or oversized shapes. Other saddles aimed at comfort occasionally sport big wings at the rear, or other larger shaped sections that aren’t ideal for aggressive riders who want to move around on their bike. The Specialized Mirror saddle is slim enough to stay out of the way when you want to jump, lean, or squirm over the bike, making it the ultimate choice for discerning riders.

The Wolf’s Last Word

While I can confidently say that this is the most comfortable bike seat I can ever remember riding on, I’m aware that not everyone will agree. Based on the research and a dozen other reviews I’ve read by other media colleagues, I can safely say, I’m not alone. It seems that Specialized has created something special in the Power Pro Mirror saddle, which is what you’d hope for with a price tag this steep. Before having ridden it, I would have a hard time spending this kind of money on a bike saddle myself. But, for the amount of time I spend on a bike and knowing that so many others have had great experiences aboard the Power Pro Mirror, it’s a product I can say is definitely worth considering if you are a rider who spends a lot of time in the saddle and are looking for a comfortable alternative to what you’ve been riding.

Price: $325
Weight: 245g
Website: Specialized.com

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