Outbound Lighting Updates Hangover American-made Light

Outbound Lighting

Updated “Hangover” Helmet Light

American-Made Wireless Helmet Light

Outbound Lighting, the leading producer of professionally engineered lighting solutions for the cycling industry and recently named to the 2022 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America, is updating its best selling “Hangover” wireless helmet light with advanced American-made materials.

Outbound Lighting’s update to Hangover includes replacing the shell with a unique thermally conductive polymer molded in Michigan from raw material produced in Kentucky that is lighter weight, doesn’t require any surface coatings, and produces a sleeker finish. Despite the sleek appearance, the Chicago-based team of engineering professionals with experience in the automotive and LED lighting industries, has perfected the beam pattern for trail riding with optics that fill your entire field of vision from a wireless mounted helmet light.

Outbound Lighting Updates Hangover American-made Light

Updated Evo Downhill Package

Outbound’s Evo Downhill Package includes the updated Hangover helmet light paired with the complementary Trail Evo wireless handlebar light, providing the best in class off-road mountain biking trail lighting solution.

The Evo gives the widest, most even beam on the market, optimized for your handlebars so you never lose the trail, providing a “wall of light”. The Hangover provides vision on the trail at speed and lets you see through tight switchbacks. Both lights are intentionally designed to work together, so one doesn’t overpower the other and the entire trail is illuminated seamlessly, providing a comprehensive and cohesive trail riding lighting solution.

“The Evo Downhill Package provides the coverage you need to ride the trail as fast as you would during the day. You need to look ahead and see well down trail at speed, but also be able to see around your front wheel and your peripheral without turning your head, so we designed the Hangover and the Trail Evo to work together seamlessly to prevent any “tunnel vision” or blindspots,” said Tom Place, co-founder of Outbound Lighting. “Evo gives you a wall of light from the handlebars forward, side to side and down behind your front axle, so you can see everything in your peripheral vision with excellent depth even if your bars are turning.  Hangover lets you spot your runout at a distance and around tight corners to eliminate blindspots, while blending smoothly with the Evo beam.”

The Hangover bike helmet light provides over 90 minutes of strong output, with the ability to USB speed-charge on the go while only weighing 100 grams. The waterproof USB-C quick charge 3.0 is included as standard. Both the Hangover ($125) and the Evo Downhill Package ($365) are available at outboundlighting.com.

About Outbound Lighting

Identifying as engineers first, and bike riders second, Chicago-based Outbound Lighting’s engineering professionals have years of hands-on experience in the automotive and LED lighting industries and now chase optical illumination perfection for every ride. With a lineup of bike light products thoughtfully designed and assembled in-house in the United States in a new 7,200 sq ft facility, Outbound designs each product for each specific use case by shaping beam patterns through custom optics with Lucidshape™, the same simulation software used by major automotive manufacturers. Outbound Lighting was named to the 2022 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America.


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