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Honestly – Liam Baylis

“Liam Baylis is already a household name for some, and well on the way for others. Despite being born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Canmore Alberta, Liam spent the majority of his childhood years at his local dirt jumps and skate parks, taking inspiration from the Slopestyle greats and honing his craft. Nowadays, years of hard work are paying off. He’s relocated to the meca that is the Sea to Sky and can be found riding with those same childhood heroes, bringing his raw technical skill and oozing style to the world of high-pivot trail bikes.Druid, Dreadnought, or DJ, Liam lets his riding do the talking. Honestly, what more is there to say? Enjoy the show.”Featuring: Liam Baylis – and Edit: Dylan Siggers – Kevin FrankProducer: Stephane Pelletier / JabromeMusic: I am Saved – Silver Harpes, Emperor X – Shut Up, Lost Forever – Travis ScottLocations: Sunshine Coast / Sea to Sky, BC

Video: Honestly | Forbidden Bike Co


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