The New 2023 Orbea Rise

Rise Beyond Expectations

● Orbea presents the best Rise in its history and continues setting the benchmark for lightweight e-bikes.

● It tips the scale at less than 16 kg, offers more autonomy, more integration and more possibilities than ever before.

Rise shook up the lightweight e-MTB world on its launch with its “more bike, less E” philosophy. Simply the most natural feeling e-bike on the market, bringing riders closer to the trail and shattering expectations about how an ebike should ride. Rise returns, lighter than ever and with more battery options, ready to open up longer adventures and take you to even more epic locations. Rise beyond expectations and discover how the new 2023 Orbea Rise has become the new standard in lightweight eMTBs.

RS Power: new motor

All Orbea 2023 carbon Rise models feature Shimano’s new EP801 with the RS (Rider Synergy) setup, the hallmark of the new model. The new motor offers more adjustability and connectivity than ever, but maintains the RS philosophy that Orbea designed for this platform with the goal of offering a natural power delivery.

RS Range: more autonomy

Taking advantage of all the knowledge they’ve acquired since launching Rise, Orbea presents a completely redesigned and optimized 360 Wh battery for the Rise family. With a total weight of 1.8 kg—a saving of 300 g from the previous version—it brings the M LTD model to a staggering 15.9 kg.

The new battery is built with 21,700 cells that offer a better charge and discharge ratio and better heat management. In addition to being more compact, the frame’s anchor points are now integrated into the battery itself. In this way, it saves a few grams of weight compared to the previous version and favors frame weight distribution for even more natural handling.

This 360 Wh battery is now compatible with current aluminum Rise models. This means that those looking for the ultimate RS experience at a more affordable price will have the option to do so with Rise.

If that weren’t enough, all carbon Rise models are compatible with the 540 Wh battery introduced last year on the aluminum Rise. All this without compromising the clean, integrated aesthetic that’s symbolic of this e-bike. The carbon Rise models will come as standard with the 360 Wh battery, but customers have the option to swap it out for the 540Wh battery on the MyO configurator.

Cyclists looking for the best handling and the ultimate RS experience can continue to choose the 360 Wh battery as their best ally. But those who seek adventures with even more autonomy can bet on the 540 Wh battery.

For even more epic rides, Rise has the optional 252 Wh Range Extender, bringing a carbon or aluminum Rise up to an impressive 792 Wh. With the exceptional energy management of this bike, you’d have to ride many hours to drain a battery like this.

In the 2023 range, the carbon and aluminum Rise will share their entire electric ecosystem. This means that they will use the same Range Extender and smart charger. It is now possible to charge a carbon Rise at 4A, while the Range Extender will charge at 2A.

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RS Interface: more minimal

Since the debut of the first Rise, Orbea has worked hard on cleaning up the handlebars. Thanks to the new Shimano EP801 RS motor, the company has taken a new step towards designing a cockpit just like a mechanical bike.

The new motor includes the EN600 wireless control, which has allowed the Orbea engineering team to remove the old LED reader which was situated on the brake hose. This remote contains the power button, allowing Orbea to remove it from the frame and thereby improve seatpost insertion.

As usual, the Rise platform continues to enjoy the RS Garmin IQ app, developed by Orbea. This app allows riders to display typical e-bike data, such as battery or assistance mode, on a Garmin device without the need for a specific display.

RS Weight: lighter than ever

Along with reducing the main battery’s weight, Orbea worked on other aspects to achieve the lightest of e-bikes. For example, the Rise link has been completely redesigned to provide greater rigidity while its new shape achieves a lighter weight. Now, a size M carbon Rise frame tops the scale at a scant 2.2 kg.

As if that weren’t enough, this link is now compatible with the Orbea FLP multitool. This means that riders always have multiple allen keys on their bike, allowing them to make small adjustments without needing to reach into a backpack.

Orbea Launches New Rise lightweight eMTB

Design and integration

Rise features Orbea’s integration system that debuted this year in the Oiz and Wild models: the SIC System. Cables are fed through the headset cover, which means riding with shorter, secure cables that eliminate any noise and distraction.

With the Orbea SIC System, changing a cable, the stem or the handlebar is as simple as ever and doesn’t require any extra steps. Additionally, the SIC System makes it possible to incorporate the Spin Block—a twist limiter protects the frame against impacts in the event of a crash, keeping the paint job looking fresh throughout its useful life.

New in the whole range

The aluminum models debut with more new features beyond the 360 Wh battery’s capacity. While the three aluminum models maintain the frame construction, Orbea offers three elegant, new colors. In addition, H20 and H30 models will feature the EP6 RS motor, which has the same RS features as the EP801 but with an aluminum housing instead of magnesium.

The carbon M Team model deserves a special mention, which features the new Shimano XT Di2 group and combines the benefits of this new group with all the technologies in Rise.

Configure or reserve your Rise

Orbea offers extensive configuration possibilities in the Rise family. Riders can configure their Rise with two battery options across all models, add the Range Extender, choose from different suspension options, wheels, ergonomic measurements in the cockpit and dropper posts. In the carbon models, it’s also possible to personalize the frame’s color and finish. Availability for the new 2023 Orbea Rise will arrive by the end of the year, so check availability and reserve a bike through Orbea’s inventory tool, Rider Connect.

You can learn more about the new 2023 Orbea Rise bikes and configure your dream build here.

Orbea Launches New Rise lightweight eMTB


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